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Japanese Patent JPH11510089
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The invention relates to the reduction and prevention of biofouling in facilities utilizing water, e.g. sea water, carrying biological organisms, without causing corrosion, chemical reaction or other detrimental action from the additive or environmental discharge problems. Such operations include, for example, desalination plants, power plants, oilfield water injection facilities and shipboard or ocean platform fire water systems. For example, in the desalination plant of FIG. 1, the biofouling reduction method and apparatus for this invention have a source of oxidizing agent such as chlorine ions or ozone, a source of copper ions and a dosing chamber for delivery of relatively low dosage levels of oxidizing agents and at appropriate times copper ions to form a treatment additive. Flow connectors connect the dosing chamber to various points along the piping in the desalination plant. A controller controls the operation of the dosing chamber and valves along the flow connectors to operate in a sequential target dosing mode to deliver treatment additive of predetermined composition to selected points along the piping at predetermined times and in predetermined concentrations.

Williams Edward Emile
Nixon Peter William
Knox Homes Brent Roland
Wine light robert
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September 07, 1999
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July 15, 1996
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Baker Hughes Limited
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B01D61/02; A61L2/16; A61L2/18; A61L2/20; B01D61/04; B01D61/14; B01D61/16; B01D65/08; C02F1/44; C02F1/46; C02F1/50; C02F1/76; C02F1/00; C02F1/28; C02F1/467; C02F1/78; (IPC1-7): C02F1/50; B01D61/02; B01D61/04; B01D61/14; B01D61/16; C02F1/44; C02F1/46; C02F1/50
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Minoru Nakamura (6 outside)