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Japanese Patent JPH11512788
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PCT No. PCT/EP96/03885 Sec. 371 Date May 15, 1998 Sec. 102(e) Date May 15, 1998 PCT Filed Sep. 4, 1996 PCT Pub. No. WO97/12092 PCT Pub. Date Apr. 3, 1997For reinforcing rubber or plastics articles, particularly pneumatic tires, a wire filament is proposed which is spirally shaped and exhibits no elastic residual torsional stresses. A wire filament 8 according to the invention is produced by twisting drawn straight wire filaments 2 into the range of plastic deformation with subsequent return-twisting, at least two wire filaments being brought together and combined prior to return-twisting. Preferably at least two wire filaments 2 are brought together by means of a perforated disk 30, twisted about each other and plastically deformed in a false twister 20 and subsequently return-twisted in a further false twister 40.

Dhowak Siegfried
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Publication Date:
November 02, 1999
Filing Date:
September 04, 1996
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Dorat Cold Saar Gesellschaft Mito Beschlenktel Haftung und Company Comandito Gesellschaft
International Classes:
D07B1/00; B60C9/00; D07B1/06; D07B3/00; D07B5/12; D07B7/00; (IPC1-7): D07B1/06; D07B5/12; D07B3/00; B60C9/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Mitsufumi Esaki (2 others)