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Japanese Patent JPS53939
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This disclosure relates to a chain welding machine for the resistance butt welding of interlinked chain links bent into a C-shape, with two oppositely pivotable compression levers coupled with tool carriers for compression tools adapted to engage the rounded parts of the chain link which is to be welded, the compression tools moving toward each other to compress the chain link which is to be welded when the compression levers are pivoted in opposite directions. The compression levers are actuated by a bank of springs through the medium of a control lever which carries at one end thereof a freely-running follower wheel which rolls on the periphery of a control cam plate which controls the movement of the control lever under the force of the springs. The follower wheel and at least a portion of the periphery of the cam plate are of electrically conducting material and an electrical circuit is maintained therethrough such that upon separation of the follower wheel from the periphery of the control cam plate the circuit will be opened thereby activating a signal and/or shutting down the operation of the machine. This separation will occur when the compression tools fail to move toward each other their maximum extent whereby an improperly welded link will result.

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January 13, 1978
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April 08, 1974
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B21L3/00; B21L3/02; B23K11/00