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Japanese Patent JPS5750463
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A process for preparing edible, fat-containing food products is disclosed wherein the dry ingredients of the food product are intimately mixed with a solid, particulate refrigeration agent until the food product has been chilled and refrigerated to a degree sufficient to recover a dry, granular, free-flowing, fat-containing food product therefrom. Dry ice is used in pellet form as the refrigeration agent, and it chills the fat-containing food products without freezing it. This aids in mixing of the fat of the food.

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Publication Date:
October 27, 1982
Filing Date:
February 05, 1975
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A23C7/00; A23L1/00; A23L3/44; A23L9/10; A23L9/20; A23L13/30; A23L23/00; A23L23/10