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Japanese Patent JPS58501395
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An improved solid state relay and regulator having reduced turn-off time, analog or digital input, and analog or digital output, is obtained by using a depletion JFET as a variable resistance discharge path for a gate of a power MOSFET switching device wherein the gate is charged by a first set of photovoltaic cells optically coupled to but electrically isolated from an LED input. A second set of photovoltaic cells responsive to the same or a separate LED input hold the JFET in an Off state while the MOSFET gate is energized. Variable output and AND logic are obtained.

Fitps, Jiyoung Pee
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Publication Date:
August 18, 1983
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July 15, 1982
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Motro-La Inco-Polled
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H01L31/12; H01H35/00; H03K17/687; H03K17/78; H03K17/785; (IPC1-7): H01H35/00; H01L31/12
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Kugoro Tamamushi

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