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Japanese Patent JPS58501653
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PCT No. PCT/SE82/00287 Sec. 371 Date May 26, 1983 Sec. 102(e) Date May 26, 1983 PCT Filed Sep. 20, 1982 PCT Pub. No. WO83/01275 PCT Pub. Date Apr. 14, 1983.In a process for continuous production of meat meal and fat from an animal raw material by indirect boiling (1) of the raw material and separation (1) of the boiled material partly into solid material, which is dried (2), and partly in stick water, which is partly evaporated (16) and is discharged from the plant or is dried, the novelty consists in the fact that a so called back pressure turbine (6) is operated, the back pressure steam (8) being utilized for boiling (1) and drying (2), while the turbine (6) is allowed to drive a mechanical compressor (7), which compresses steam (23), that is discharged from an expansion vessel (16) in which said stick water (4) is evaporated by stripping, the compressed steam (24) being utilized for heating of the stick water, circulating in a circuit, comprising said expansion vessel (16) and a heat exchanger (25).

Bernetto Bjorue
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October 06, 1983
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September 20, 1982
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Alpha-Love Al Aktuyevo
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A23J1/04; A23K1/10; A23L13/00; A23L13/10; C11B1/12; F01K17/04; F01K17/06; (IPC1-7): A23K1/10; A23L1/31; F01K17/04
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Wakabayashi Tadashi

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