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Japanese Patent JPH04215710
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PURPOSE: To resolve uncomfortableness such as stuffiness by suspending a rigid thread between a surface layer and a back layer made of a woven stuff or a knitted stuff and arranged face to face at the desired interval, and forming an air layer between the surface layer and the back layer.

CONSTITUTION: A surface layer 12a and a back layer 12b made of a woven stuff or a knitted stuff with an planar expanse of a surface material 12 are arranged face to face at the fixed interval, and a thread 12c is suspended between constituting fibers of the surface layer 12a and the back layer 12b by double Russell knitting, for example. A thread with proper rigidity is used for the thread 12c. An air layer 13 with a proper width is formed between the surface layer 12a and the back layer 12b. When a person is seated on a seat, the back or hip of the person is not closely stuck to a pad 11, and the air-permeable air layer 13 is provided between the person and the pad 11. The stuffy feeling of the person can be resolved.

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Publication Date:
August 06, 1992
Filing Date:
December 13, 1990
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International Classes:
A47C7/18; A47C7/74; B32B5/02; B32B5/24; D04B21/14; (IPC1-7): A47C7/18; A47C7/74; B32B5/02; B32B5/24; D04B21/14
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Koji Nagato