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Japanese Patent JP2595200
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PURPOSE: To obtain a compact automatic packing device and increase the operation rate, by folding a long heat-welding packing into two by a forming chute to make a continuous bottomed trough and charging an article between divided seals after the film has been sealed separately by a dividing and traversing heat-welding means.
CONSTITUTION: A packing film F is fed from a reel 11A in a supplying part 10 of the packing film and one side edge of the packing film F conducted by guide rollers 12A, 12B is longitudinally and finely sliced to form slits by a slitter 13. Wide packing film F1 divided and narrow packing film F2 are conducted by a guiding means 14 so as to superpose the film F2 on the film F1 and after that, it is conducted to a forming chute 21 to shape a bottomed trough and seal separately it in the longitudinal direction by a traversing heat- welding means 23. Subsequently, a material like tea is charged between the divided seals and the upper opening edge is sealed by a heat-welding means 28 and thereafter, the divided seal part is cut off by a traversing means 29.

Eiji Ohira
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March 26, 1997
Filing Date:
September 08, 1994
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Topac Co., Ltd.
International Classes:
B65B1/04; B65B9/00; (IPC1-7): B65B9/00; B65B1/04
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Aoyama Ryo (1 person outside)

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