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Japanese Patent JP3062376
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PURPOSE: To provide a character judging device for adjusting a distance between the surface of a work and an image pickup camera corresponding to distortion on the surface of the work on which characters are engraved.
CONSTITUTION: A CCD camera 16 for detecting the characters engraved on a metal plate 12 is loaded on a supporting member 24 together with a distance sensor 18. First of all, the distance to the surface of the metal plate 12, where the characters to be judged are engraved, is measured by the distance sensor 18 and the sensor is moved for each character. In this case, the supporting member 24 is made close or away from the surface of the metal plate 12 by turning a ball screw 28 based on the distance detected by the distance sensor 18, and the distance is adjusted so as to be a prescribed distance. Therefore, the quality of characters to be judged can be exactly judged without being affected by distortion on the surface of the metal plate 12.

Suguru Uehara
Yoshitoshi Tsuji
Yukio Kitagawa
Shigeru Ichikawa
Toshinobu Fujita
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Publication Date:
July 10, 2000
Filing Date:
September 02, 1993
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Honda motor industry stock company
International Classes:
G06K9/00; G06K9/20; G06T1/00; G06T7/00; B65H43/08; (IPC1-7): G06T7/00; G06K9/00; G06K9/20
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Takehiro Chiba (1 outside)