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Japanese Patent JP3204539
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PURPOSE: To position each position of a covering strip coil relatively to a running path of a steel strip by displacing, driving and adjusting each holding base through a pair of 1st displacing and driving means on a holding frame in the axial direction of a covering strip coil.
CONSTITUTION: A device main body 38 is installed on a fixed position such as a floor, the holding frame 16 provided on the main body 38 is made so that it can be displaced and driven by a 2nd displacing and driving means 40 in the axial directions of covering strip coils and supporting members 7, 8 supporting the covering strip coil respectively by both ends in the axial direction are held to be freely rotatable respectively on holding bases 13, 14. Each holding base is made up so that it can be displaced, driven and adjusted by a pair of the 1st displacing/driving means 19, 20 on the holding frame 16 in the axial direction of the covering strip coils 4, 5. Consequently, the position of the covering strip coils 4, 5 can be set in common by controlling the motion of the 1st placing and driving means 19, 20 in the directions approaching to and separating from each other or in the same direction as the supporting members 7, 8.

Norikazu Tsukuda
Mitsuyuki Umeo
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September 04, 2001
Filing Date:
July 16, 1992
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Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd.
International Classes:
B21C47/26; B21C47/34; B65H19/22; B65H23/032; (IPC1-7): B21C47/26; B21C47/34; B65H19/22; B65H23/032
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Keiichiro Saikyo