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Japanese Patent JPS5485470
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PURPOSE: To simplify the drying in a closet by using a closing board equipped with the main body of a drier provided with a blowing fan and a moisture absorber.

CONSTITUTION: A sliding door 3 for a closet 1 is slided to a half-opened position previously fixed for providing an opening part 4. To close this opening part 4, a closing board 5 is fitted to a threshold 6 and the door groove 7 of a lintel in the lower and the upper end, and the main body 8 of a drier with a blowing fan 16 and a moisture absorber 23 is equipped in the lower part. In this construction, when an outdoor side discharge port 15 is closed by a wind-directing plate 25 and a main switch 29 is on to drive the blowing fan 16, the air inside the closet 1 is sucked into a casing 17 through an indoor side suction port 12 and a filter 20, and after dried by the moisture absprber 23, returned to the closet 1 through an indoor side discharge port 13. When the moisture-absorbing capacity of the moisture absorber 23 is lowered, the wind-directing plate 25 is turned over and a heater switch 30 is on. Then, the air inside a chamber 2 is sucked through an outdoor side suction port 14 and heated by an electric heater 24 for heating and drying the moisture absorber 23.

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July 07, 1979
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December 21, 1977
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F26B21/00; F26B9/00; F26B9/02; F26B21/04; (IPC1-7): F26B9/00; F26B21/00

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