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Japanese Patent JP3276776
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PURPOSE: To make those of manufacturing and maintenance easy enough by installing those unitized with electrical parts including a controller or the like making a latch retractable and mechanical parts including a latch plate and a rotator or the like, in a casing in a classified manner.
CONSTITUTION: Electrical parts such as a solenoid 12, a limit switch 13, a control part 14, a lead wire 15 and so on making a latch 2 retractable are unitized (10) and installed in a casing 1. In addition, mechanical parts consisting of the latch 2, a spring 3, a latch damping plate 6, a rotator 9 or the like are installed in the casing after being classified from the electrical part unit 10. Next, the mechanical part and the electrical unit are connected to each other through a connecting member 19, controlling a retractable motion in the latch 2. In addition, the electrical unit 10 is made so as to be usable for other locks, while in the case of something trouble, only the unit is made so as to be taken out. With this constitution, the cost of manufacture and maintenance is thus reducible.

Hashimoto, Masayuki
Noda, Hironori
Higashiya, Kunihiko
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Publication Date:
April 22, 2002
Filing Date:
May 25, 1994
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International Classes:
E05B47/06; E05B55/08; (IPC1-7): E05B47/06; E05B55/08
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西澤 利夫