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Japanese Patent JPH05284049
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PURPOSE: To surely realize static electricity countermeasures, to make the enclosure compact and thin by improving the mounting efficiency of an electronic circuit board and to easily improve a static electricity entering passage.

CONSTITUTION: An opening 25 for exposing one part of a flat antenna 12 is provided in the static electricity entering passage from a void 22 among an enclosure 11, decorative label 13 and front side flat antenna 12, void 23 between the enclosure 11 and a battery holder 14 and void 24 among the enclosure 11, decorative label 19 and back side flat antenna 18 to metallic parts led to a battery 15 or the electronic circuit board. Static electricity entered from the voids 22, 23 and 24 is transmitted from this opening 25 to the flat antenna 12 or 18 and discharged from there to the outside. Since the metallic parts conducted to the battery 15 or the electronic circuit board can be arranged near the outside of the enclosure 11, the mounting efficiency of the electronic circuit board can be improved, and the enclosure 11 can be made compact and thin. Further, since the opening 25 can be easily formed, the static electricity entering passage can be easily improved.

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Publication Date:
October 29, 1993
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March 31, 1992
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Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd
International Classes:
H04B1/08; H04B7/26; (IPC1-7): H04B1/08; H04B7/26
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Masahiro Kurai

Previous Patent: JPS5284048