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Japanese Patent JP3565355
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PURPOSE: To efficiently recover the brake energy by operating a regenerative brake in priority to a frictional brake and to effectively operate the frictional brake by changing the gradient after restriction, by restricting the operation of the frictional brake in the ordinary brake operation.
CONSTITUTION: When a brake pedal 8 is stepped ON, a motor 31 carries out power generation, and a regenerative brake 3 operates. Further, in the liquid chamber 10a of a tandem master cylinder 10, a master cylinder pressure is generated, and transmitted to a brake pressure transmission controller 12. At this time, the input pressure passes through a check valve 23 in case of the first set pressure or less, and the output pressure is increased by the dynamic pressure. When the input pressure increases over the first set pressure, the check valve 23 is closed, and the output pressure is made constant. Further, when the input pressure increases over the second set pressure, a stepped piston 20 moves downward, and the output pressure increases with the larger gradient than that of the input pressure. When the output pressure becomes nearly equal to the input pressure, the check valve 23 is opened to allow the communication between an input port and an output port, and the input pressure and the output pressure are made equal each other.

Ryoho Takasaki
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Publication Date:
September 15, 2004
Filing Date:
July 28, 1994
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Bosch Automotive Systems, Inc.
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B60T13/72; B60L7/24; H02P3/04; (IPC1-7): B60T13/72; B60L7/24; H02P3/04
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Kenji Aoki
Ryukichi Abe
Hirukawa Masanobu
Hiroki Shirai
Norihiko Uchida
Hideo Sugai
Hiroshi Nagisawa
Akira Yonezawa