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Hole formation tool
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Japanese Patent JP6239823
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The invention relates to a hole-making tool, which includes, on one hand, a basic body (6) having a seat (7), which is delimited by a tangential support surface (19), an axial support surface (20), and a radial support surface (21), and on the other hand a replaceable cutting insert (2), which is fixed in the seat using, for instance, a screw. According to the invention, a pair of co-operatable female- and male-like securing means (30, 33) are arranged in the interface between the tangential support surface (19) of the seat and the under side (13) of the cutting insert, the female-like one (30) of which includes an elongate guide surface (31), which extends at an acute angle in relation to the radial support surface (21) while the same approaches this in the direction from the axial support surface (20). The male-like securing means (33) is spaced apart from the guide surface (31) while forming a gap between the two securing means as long as the cutting insert, by the cutting forces, is kept pressed against the axial and radial support surfaces (20, 21). If the feeding direction of the tool would need to be reversed, the cutting insert may be subjected to forces that aim to detach the same from the seat. However, the securing means (30, 33) are then activated and direct the cutting insert inward toward the radial support surface (21). In such a way, it is avoided that the peripheral portion of the cutting insert (2) scratches the generated hole wall.

Pell Hanson
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Publication Date:
November 29, 2017
Filing Date:
January 18, 2013
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Sandvik Intellectual Property Actie Borag
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B23D77/02; B23B51/00; B23C5/22
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Sonoda/Kobayashi Patent Business Corporation
Atsushi Aoki
Tetsuro Shimada
Shinji Mitsuhashi
Yasushi Ohashi
Kentaro Ito
Tanimitsu Masaharu