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Japanese Patent JP2000020233
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To provide a device capable of inexpensively attaching a pointing device and preventing a malfunction by fixing the substrate of a pointing member through a fixing member at three points on the base of a keyboard.

The substrate of the pointing member is fixed at three points to the base of the keyboard by the fixing member. Namely, three screw through holes are formed near the outer periphery of a substrate 102 and as the fixing members, screws 201 are respectively inserted. Besides, two positioning pin fitting holes are formed near the outer periphery of the substrate 102 and positioning pins 202 are respectively inserted. Further, a cable 203 pulled out of a pointing device 101 is connected to a control part and the displacement of a post 104 detected by the pointing device 101 is transmitted to the control part. At almost the center of a keyboard 4, a hole to insert the post 104 of the pointing device 101 is formed and outside the hole, a boss hole for attachment is provided at the position facing the screw through hole.

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Publication Date:
January 21, 2000
Filing Date:
June 30, 1998
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International Classes:
G06F3/02; G06F1/16; G06F3/0338; (IPC1-7): G06F3/033; G06F1/16; G06F3/02
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Yoshio Inamoto