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Japanese Patent JP2624115
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PURPOSE: To assemble an aluminum in the outside and a stainless steel in the inside by drawing the different kind of materials and joining them together in one process in the time of forming a vessel laminated with the different kind of materials.
CONSTITUTION: A die having a punch 6, each holddown 13 and two dies 21, 26 is used. At first, a 1st material 2 on a 1st die 21 is worked with the punch 6 while pressing it with the holddown 13. Next, a 2nd material 3 on a 2nd die 26 is drawn with the punch 6 stuck with the 1st material 2 while pressing the 2nd material 3 with the 1st die 21. At the time of both drawing, suitable holddown force is respectively applied on each material 2, 3. Therefore, even if the material 2 to be made inside is a stainless steel and the material 3 to be made outside is an aluminum, breakage is not generated in the aluminum.

Osamu Sakai
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June 25, 1997
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April 15, 1993
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Niigata Prefecture
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B21D22/20; B21D22/28; B32B37/10; (IPC1-7): B21D22/20; B21D22/28; B32B31/20
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Ushiki Mamoru