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Japanese Patent JP3425459
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PURPOSE: To facilitate the setting and changing of an appropriate core member in bending a tube of different diameter by making the core member to be mounted on the tip part of a supporting rod attachable/detachable in association with the pressing against a shaft part by a releasing member.
CONSTITUTION: A stepped small diameter part 2 having an annular recessed groove 3 at the tip part is provided on a supporting rod 1, and a segmental holding ring 4 having an annular load bearing surface 4' is fitted thereto. A stepped expansion part 5' which is continuous to a through hole 5" and open to the rear part is provided on a short shaft core member 5, and a bottomed cylindrical releasing member 6 which is abutted on the load bearing surface 4' of the holding ring 4 of a supporting rod 1 where the rear end side is the pressing surface 6' is internally mounted on this part. The stepped part to be formed by the expansion part 5' of this core member 5 is hooked to the holding ring 4 of the supporting rod 1, and adhered in an attachable/detachable manner to make a mandrel device of the pull-bending.

Katsushi Umezawa
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Publication Date:
July 14, 2003
Filing Date:
October 25, 1993
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Usui Kokusai Sangyo Co., Ltd.
International Classes:
B21D7/025; B21D9/05; (IPC1-7): B21D9/05; B21D7/025
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Yoshiteru Oshida