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Japanese Patent JPH01104007
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PURPOSE: To obtain a medicine preparation containing an active substance in a stable form, capable of quickly and completely releasing the active substance at a therapeutic site, comprising a micelle prepared by dispersing a monovalent anion-containing cationic surfactant and an antiviral substance for inhibiting a reverse transcriptase into a solvent. CONSTITUTION: This medicine preparation comprises a micelle or a vesicle which is obtained by dispersing 1.0-5.0wt.%, based on the whole medicine preparation, of a monovalent anion-containing cationic surfactant (e.g. 2,5,6-substituted N1 -alkylpyrimidinium compound) and 0.1-1.5wt.% of an antiviral medicine active substance (e.g. azidothymidine or 2',3'-dideoxycytidine) for inhibiting a viral reverse transcriptase into 93.5-98.9wt.% of a solvent having pH 7.0-8.0 and has 1.0×10<-7> to 1.5×10<-4> mol/L critical micelle formation concentration and 500-1,000Å hydrodynamic radius of the micelle or vesicle.

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Publication Date:
April 21, 1989
Filing Date:
August 06, 1987
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Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Shintaro Nogawa