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Japanese Patent JP3294308
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PURPOSE: To vulcanize both a packing and a diaphragm constituting film under the most preferable vulcanization system, namely, at low temp. for a long time and to mold a diaphragm provided with a packing with uniform width and thickness and being with high accuracy by performing heat treatment of an vulcanized rubber compsn. for the packing with the diaphragm constituting film.
CONSTITUTION: A method for molding a diaphragm for a gas meter wherein an vulcanized rubber compsn. for a packing is filled in a channel part 5 for the packing of a surrounding channel part 4 formed between the peripheral side face 2 of a bottom mold for molding a diaphragm and a surrounding frame 3 and then, a diaphragm constituting film is placed on the upper face of the bottom mold and then, the top mold is fitted and a part which is to be the horizontal peripheral face of the diaphragm of the diaphragm constituting film is pinched and pressed to the surrounding channel part of the bottom mold by means of a pressing tool and a packing is monolithically bonded at the horizontal peripheral face of the diaphragm constituting film by overheat- treatment under a condition wherein it is brought into tight contact with the horizontal top face 1 of the bottom mold.

Seiji Tamura
Kazuyuki Tasaki
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June 24, 2002
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February 13, 1992
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Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.
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B29C33/02; B29C35/02; B29C43/18; B29C65/70; B29C69/00; B29C70/74; B29D22/00; F16J3/02; G01F15/16; B29C43/00; B29C45/00; B29K21/00; B29K105/24; B29L31/00; (IPC1-7): B29C65/70; B29C33/02; B29C35/02; B29D22/00; F16J3/02; G01F15/16
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Kozo Fujita