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Japanese Patent JP3520189
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To establish a passenger flow estimating system which allows grasping the passenger flow precisely in preparing an operation rearrangement planning in which an alteration of the operation schedule is incorporated.
SOLUTION: A passenger flow estimating system comprises a train using history memory device 4 for each passenger, a ticket checking device 103 which collects the personal history about the places used and the destinations from the memory device 4, a passenger flow estimating device 1 to presume the flow on the basis of the information obtained from the ticket checking device 103, a network 4 to make exchange of data between the device 103 and the passenger flow estimating device 1, and a display device 5 to display the estimated result of the flow obtained from the estimating device 1. The flow estimating device 1 is composed of an individual destination estimating device 101 to estimate the destination of each passenger in terms of probability and a total flow estimating device 102 to estimate the total flow from the information given by the individual destination estimating device 101. Thereby the passenger flow can be estimated numerically on the real time basis, so that an operation schedule can be prepared which reflects precisely the demand for using trains.

Hino, Tomoaki
Fukushima, Tadashi
Hotta, Masato
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April 19, 2004
Filing Date:
December 01, 1997
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B61L27/00; B61L27/04; B65G61/00; G06Q10/00; G06Q10/04; B61L25/04; G06Q50/00; G06Q50/10; G06Q50/30; (IPC1-7): B61L27/00; B61L25/04; B61L27/04; G06F17/60
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丸山 清 (外5名)