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Japanese Patent JPH1066968
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To simply give tasteful water and to make the subject device compact and portably by removing impurities while introducing a eater to be treated into a cylindrical active carbon unit in a portable water purifier, executing the adjustment of minerals and the removal of residual chlorine in a drinking water and forming the active carbon and a ceramic filler into a cassette type.

This portably water purifier 1 is constituted so as to have a connecting part 4 to a faucet 11 of a clean water pipe, to support and pack the hollow cylindrical active carbon unit 7 and the ceramic material 9 at the downstream on a perforated plate 10, to form into a cylindrical state to finally discharge a treated water and to connect the connecting part 4 only by inserting the water purifier 1 into the faucet 11. The water to be treated 12-1 is passed through the space of a supporting material 3 in the connecting part 4 from the faucet 11, uniformly flow s in the while active carbon from the side surface of the hollow cylindrical active carbon 7 to make horizontal flow and is collected to a center axis part 13 after the impurities are adsorbed by the active carbon 7. After that, the water to be treated flows in the ceramic material section 9 from an opening part of a parting plate 8 and taken out as the treated water 12-2 after the adjustment of the minerals or the like.

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Publication Date:
March 10, 1998
Filing Date:
August 27, 1996
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C02F1/28; B01D35/04; C02F1/68; (IPC1-7): C02F1/28; B01D35/04; C02F1/68