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Japanese Patent JPH08222002
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PURPOSE: To provide a signal light capable of optionally switching a lighting state of a light source to a flashing state and a continuous lighting state, selecting an optimum lighting state corresponding to a using state for instruction and guidance.

CONSTITUTION: A signal light is formed in such a way that a translucent cylindrical body 4 inside which a light source 3 for lighting with a power source 1 is housed is connected directly or through a connecting part 11 to the tip of a gripping part inside which the power source 1 such as a battery is housed to form a rod-shaped main body (a), and an on/off switch 5 for turning on/off the lift source 3 is arranged on the outer circumferential surface of the rod- shaped main body (a). A flash driving mechanism for flashing the lit light source 3 and a continuously driving mechanism for continuously lighting without flashing are installed in a driving circuit 6 for driving the light source 3, and a switch 7 switching a flashing lighting state and a continuously lighting state by driving each mechanism is arranged on the outer circumferential surface of the rod-shaped main body (a).

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Publication Date:
August 30, 1996
Filing Date:
February 13, 1995
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International Classes:
F21L4/00; G09F13/20; G09F19/02; G09F13/22; (IPC1-7): F21L11/00; G09F13/20; G09F19/02
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Akiyoshi Yoshii (2 outside)

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