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Japanese Patent JP2003065622
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To provide a stirling refrigerator enabling regulation of a set temperature of an internment chamber, by a method wherein the air of which the temperature is regulated by mixing the heat generated by a stirling freezer with cool air is sent into the separate chamber partitioned by a heat insulating material.

The main body 1 of the stirling refrigerator is equipped with a stirling refrigerating machine 9, a refrigerating chamber 4, a freezing chamber 5, a vegetable chamber 7 and the separate internment chamber 6 partitioned by the heat insulating material. By the operation of the stirling refrigerating machine 9, cool air obtained by a heat exchanger 51 for heat absorption is sent through a cool air duct 17 by a cool air blowing fan 21. The heat generated by a heat exchanger 52 for heat radiation is sent through a hot air duct 25 by a hot air blowing fan 29. The cool air of the cool air duct 17 and the hot air of the hot air duct 25 join in an air mixing duct 26 and mix with each other and are sent to the internment chamber 6. According to this constitution, waste heat is used effectively and the set temperature of the internment chamber 6 can be regulated in accordance with the use.

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Publication Date:
March 05, 2003
Filing Date:
August 22, 2001
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F25D23/00; F25B9/14; F25D11/00; F25D11/02; F25D17/06; F25D27/00; (IPC1-7): F25B9/14; F25D11/00; F25D11/02; F25D23/00; F25D27/00
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Shizuo Sano