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Japanese Patent JP2020048863
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To prevent a battery from being consumed in a short time due to a switch for a walking toy being unexpectedly put into an on-state.SOLUTION: A switch is for a walking toy which comprises a battery 155, an electric magnet 180 and a permanent magnet 151, and repeats generating a repulsive force by putting a switch 200 into an off-state by making a rear leg portion 168 close to a forward end part of a toy 100 through a repulsive force between the permanent magnet and the electric magnet so as to make the forward end part float, and by putting the switch 200 into an on-state by extinguishing the repulsive force and sending the forward end part to a front side, and bringing the forward end part into contact with a walking surface. The switch for the walking toy, includes an oscillation contact point plate 240, a conductor wire plate 230 with which a contact point part 245 can be brought into contact, and a switch moving body 210 pushing up the vicinity of the forward end of the oscillation contact point plate. The switch moving body is mounted on the forward end part of the toy in a vertically movable manner, the oscillation contact point plate is a metal affected by magnetic force and has a body part 241 and a vertical part 243 raised from the rear end of the body part, the forward end of the body part is mounted on the switch moving body, and the vertical part is positioned in the vicinity of the permanent magnet.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 3

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April 02, 2020
Filing Date:
September 27, 2018
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A63H11/20; A63H13/02; A63H13/04; A63H29/22
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Cosmo International Patent Office