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Japanese Patent JP3231162
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PURPOSE: To improve the working efficiency of a tube processing device and reduce the processing cost by using a mold to be covered on the ends of a tube supported by a carrier shaft and its heating means to form spherical sections on the end of the tube and forming the holes on the given positions of the tube.
CONSTITUTION: In a tube processing device, a plurality of carrier shafts 22 are disposed protrudingly at the given intervals in the moving direction on a chain 18 of a vertically moving conveyor 10, and a tube 1 is inserted into a shaft 22 and supported thereon by a tube supply device 11. Spherical sections are formed on the ends of the tube 1 by using a movable mold to be covered on the end of the tube 1 supported by the shaft 1 and the heating means of the mold by a spherical section forming device 12. Holes are formed on the tube 1 on which spherical sections are formed by hole forming devices 13 and 14, and the tube 1 on which the holes are formed is discharged by a tube discharge device 17. Thus human hands are not required for processing the tube to reduce the processing cost thereof.

Masahiro Nakaizumi
Takafumi Chikubo
Shoji Sakakiyama
Toshiharu Matsumiya
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November 19, 2001
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November 08, 1993
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Sekisui Chemical Co.,Ltd.
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B29C57/10; A61M25/00; B29D23/00; (IPC1-7): B29D23/00; A61M25/00; B29C57/10
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