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The forming process of a pressing, the manufacturing method of a pressing, and the molding die of a pressing
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Japanese Patent JP6051053
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A piercing die, a holding body, and a piercing punch are used to form a pressed component having a plate-shaped base portion and a tubular boss portion extending from the base portion. The piercing die has a receiving portion, an outer shape-forming portion, and a die-side cutting edge. The piercing punch has an inner shape-forming portion, a punch-side cutting edge, and a straight portion. In a process of forming a pressed component, the piercing punch is pressed against a preform which is formed from a blank and which has a preliminary boss portion so as to cause part of the preliminary boss portion to flow toward the outer shape-forming portion, and so as to then cut off another part of the preliminary boss portion to form a boss portion.

Keitaro Kawai
Yuki Shimizu
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December 21, 2016
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January 11, 2013
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FC Sea Co., Ltd.
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B21D28/24; B21D19/08; B21D22/30; B21D28/10; B21D28/34
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Hiroyuki Ito