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A mobile communication system, a mobile communication method, and a base transceiver station
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Japanese Patent JP6017558
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A mobile communication system directly performs user-data communication between a plurality of radio terminals without involvement of a radio base station. The user-data communication directly performed between the plurality of radio terminals is performed by using a part of radio resources assigned to the mobile communication system. The plurality of radio terminals include a transmission-side terminal that transmits the user data and a reception-side terminal that receives the user data. The mobile communication system switches between a first assignment mode in which the transmission-side terminal or the reception-side terminal assigns a radio resource used for the user-data communication, and a second assignment mode in which the radio base station assigns the radio resource used for the user-data communication.

Morita Sora
Fujishiro Masato
Mountain saki chiharu
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Publication Date:
November 02, 2016
Filing Date:
June 27, 2013
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Kyocera Corporation
International Classes:
H04W40/02; H04W72/02; H04W72/04; H04W92/10; H04W92/18
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Curries Patent Business Corporation