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A stainless steel cold-rolled steel plate and a manufacturing method for the same
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Japanese Patent JP5918127
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Provided is a stainless steel plate having excellent washability and anti-glare property. The stainless steel plate is manufactured by performing temper rolling using a dull roller after the finish cold rolling and bright annealing. The stainless steel plate has an arithmetic mean roughness Ra of 0.2 to 1.2 µm in a direction perpendicular to the rolling direction of the steel plate surface. Furthermore, the stainless steel plate has a transfer ratio of 15 to 70% which is an area ratio of a portion onto which a dull pattern is transferred relative to the steel plate surface. In addition, the micro-pits being formed in the steel plate surface, having a depth of 0.5 µm or more, and having an opening area of 10 µm 2 or more, have an existing density in the steel plate surface of 10.0 or less per 0.01 mm 2 , and an opening area ratio in the steel plate surface of 1.0% or less.

Takashi Kawagoe
Tomoji Shigetomi
Junichi Kazuki
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May 18, 2016
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March 30, 2012
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Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd.
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B21B1/28; B21B1/22; B21B3/02; C21D9/46; C22C38/00; C22C38/34; C22C38/58
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樺澤 襄
Satoshi Kabazawa
Tetsuya Yamada