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WIPO Patent Application WO/2023/080812
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An automatic hair cutter cuts hair by generating a three dimensional model of a user's head, determining a path of a cutting tool based on the generated model and the desired length of hair, and moving the cutting tool along the determined path to cut a user's hair. A vacuum tool included with the cutting tool sucks the cut hair and stores the cut hair into a bag.

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May 11, 2023
Filing Date:
November 03, 2021
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B25J11/00; A45D44/02; B25J9/00; B26B19/38; B26B19/44
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Firstly: The full assembled structure designed for My Barber Robot as in design A, B and C.

Secondly: Measures and dimensions for all parts of the full assembled body of My Barber Robot Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 , 8 and 9.

Full Detailed Description: Automatic Hair Cutter Robot

The Automatic Hair Cutter Robot is design to automatically cut various men's hairstyles, automatically through a mobile application on both Android and iOS phones.

Through an advanced system of cameras, sensors, batteries and robotic systems, the Automatic Hair Cutter Robot is designed to cut hairstyles from between 0.25" -3" of length.

It is ergonomically optimized for adult males ranging from the 5 th to 95 th percentile of size.

The Automatic Hair Cutter Robot is intended to run both powered off the wall, as well us to run off its high capacity battery system.

Through efficient cycling of electronics on and off, the batteries can test for sup to an hour.

On top of cutting hair, the Automatic Hair Cutter Robot has an internal vacuum system that is brought out to the cutter to clean the hair as it cuts.

At this time, the Automatic Hair Cutter Robot uses cutter blades from Flowbee, but in next generation systems, there will be a custom cutter and blade designed .

The current system is designed to sit on the edge of a table to have the user pull up a chair facing the unit as they get their hair cut..

On the front of the Automatic Hair Cutter Robot, there is a phone holder, where they can place their phone to view or listen to music as the haircut progresses..

There are three main mechanical robotic systems in the Automatic Hair Cutter Robot.

1. Upper rotational mechanism:

This system rotates an arm which houses the cutter transport system and cutter itself to reach 360 degrees around the user's head.

The vacuum travels along this arm to bring suction to the front of the cutter.

2. Cutter transport system

This system moves the cutter up and down the rotating arm. Through a system of custom rails belts and bearings the Automatic Hair Cutter Robot can lift and lower the cutter and vacuum vertically up and down while hitting all sides of the head.

3. Cutter

The cutter itself is one of the more advanced systems in the Automatic Hair Cutter Robot . Through a series of sliding interfaces, the cutter extends to reach the users head. During that time, the internal blades will adjust to the required height of the hair at that spot on the users head. As the cutter touches down on the users head, the vacuum sucks the hair into the blades and carries cut hair out to the vacuum bag. As the system moves throughout the haircut, the cutter will continually adjust height of the cutter and position around the head as it goes through the haircut. Force sensors on the end of the cutter mechanism will sense pressure on the user's head and adjust pressure accordingly. The cutter also houses a camera Intended for close up viewing in any concern areas. These can see skin and tell the device to avoid an area where it should not be cutting.

There is an advanced camera and head modeling system built mtn fee Automatic Hair Cutter Robot as well. Including the camera on the cutter, there are two additional cameras in the main housing of fee system.. These cameras watch the user and create a 3 dimensional model of fee users head in real time.

This helps to plot the course for the haircut to determine the most efficient path to cut.

The user must wear a custom set of gla sses with markers feat support fee camera system to create the head model. These will likely shift to ear markers sin a future model and the goal is to have a system with no needed markers in a future generation.

As fee Automatic Hair Cutter Robot is used, the cameras will continually watch the user and will prompt them if their head moves too much through fee app-

There is an e me rgency stop button directly in front of fee user sin case there .are any issues, but in most cases, if the device goes off course, it has an automatic stop and reset sequence. This includes fee ouifer and arm to felly reset to home position before restarting the haircut.

The mobile application for Automatic Hair Cutter Robot allows the user to choose a haircut and run the Automatic Hair Cutter Robot through Bluetooth from their phone.

After setting up and account on the app, users will be able to scfell ferough various haircuts and pick the one they would lihe. Future generations of fee app have plans to create a 3d model of the users head on fee phone before feen applying fee haircut choice to their head so they can "preview" what the haircut would look like.

The Automatic Hair Cutter Robot automatic hair cutter provides the customer with a user interface on their smart device feat allows them to select feefrbair nut and see it before hand with their own face capture from the smart device ^camera.. The app on their smart device interacts with the Automatic Hair Cutter Robot table top unit to set up multiple hair lengths between 7S..2 mm down to 5.5 mm an four outing zones.

The customer sits under the table top unit's rotational arm and places their smart device in the provided holder. Following feedback on the smart device the customer adjusts their seating position and the units arm height. The customer puts on the provided glasses which provide precise positioning feedback to the vision system. Automatic Hair Cutter Robot can be activated through the app, and paused at any time through the app or the table top unit.

The table top unit utilizes up to 3 cameras and multiple sensors to assess customer position with its custom vision system software, range finder and force sensors, The app provides feedback to the customer on cutting progress and the customer's head position, should they move excessively. Using the rotational arm and track of the table top unit. Automatic Hair Cutter Robot uses its extending cutter to touch the customer's head and cut their hair to the chosen lengths per the programmed regions. Automatic Hair Cutter Robot uses proven hair cutting technology to draw hair into the cutter, which is always set back from the customer making mishaps virtually impossible, and the fresh hair cuttings are vacuumed up as the hair cut proceeds. Just like a human barber, Automatic Hair Cutter Robot moves about the customer's head cutting hair in layers as needed to complete the hair, The customer's hair should be clean, free of product, and less than 5 inches long to start Automatic Hair Cutter Robot will be expanded with its new custom cutting blade design to provide more precise haircuts with doser fades, and more hair out options will be added to the app. The app can learn the customer's favorite cuts and store these for future cuts and clean ups. Upon completion Automatic Hair Cutter Robot will return its rotation arm and cutter to their stowed position. Automatic Hair Cutter Robot can be run off of its internal batteries or standard AC wall power outlets. Periodically Automatic Hair Cutter Robot will need the hair collection bag emptied and the cutter blades oiled or replaced, just like any professional level hair cutting equipment. Access for these simple service items is easy.