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WIPO Patent Application WO/2020/128585
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This device works in fully automated manner, and like the robot and the human by identifying the anatomy of the face and head all of hairstyles can be fully clipped in heath, speed accuracy and high quality. This device has a bin and the engine suction to collect all shredded hairs. Thermal camera is used to identify the position of the head for a short time. It can identify the face and the anatomy of the head, to run the style. It can identify skin, hair and advice to the individual for the care of skin and hair, comfortable seating, the tube and the blade, cutting and arm motion to probe the tube cutting and all the operation short trimming will do. After the work device, on demand.

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June 25, 2020
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December 19, 2018
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B26B19/28; B26B19/38
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Automatic stylist device for cutting various hairstyle through accurate cutting by the robotic arm and the movable blade


1 - Automatic stylist device which consisted of following components:

a. The frame

b. the chair

c. Camera

d. Cutting tube

e. Robotic arm

f. Transparent and plastic cap

g. circular and fixed blade

h. Movable Blade

2- According to the claims 1 , a few cameras are installed on top of the device, and some in bottom of devices for imaging, scanning, sensing, sensing, and positioning applications.

3. A cutting tube that performs haircutting work inside the tube, which has rods, blades and engines for hairdressing.

4. Robotic arm consisting of several engines and arm to move cutting tube.

5. According to claims 3, a circular and fixed blade having a blade structure.

6. According to claims 5, the movable blade is placed on a fixed blade and has triple-blade structure.

7. According to claims 6, this blade is connected to the engine by a bolt and rod, and the rotation of the motor shaft rotates the rod and the cutting blade.

8. According to claims 3, balancing rod moves engines in parallel with grooved bolted rod.

9. According to claims 3, the grooving rod and the screwdriver, performs up and down the blade motor.

10. According to claims 3, the gear is connected to the engine located at the end of the tube to rotate the rod.

1 1 . According to claims 3, the engine is used to control the rod movement by a rotating attachment to it. This engine is fixed at the end of the tube and has an intelligent sensor for precise adjustment of motor distance to control haircut size (clipping).

12. According to claims 3, a rails system is used for raising and lowering the engine and blades in pipe.

13. According to claims 12, this system can use in wagon manner.

Automatic stylist device for cutting various hairstyle through accurate cutting by the robotic arm and the movable blade


Technical Field:

Technical field of this invention is regarding the makeup and beauty robotics equipment.

Technical Problem:

Providing hairdressing services in many countries is costly, and on the other hand, customers may have difficulty choosing the style. On the other hand, a style that the customer likes may not be exerted by the hair dresser in desired manner.

On the other hand, hair dressers are faced to some issues.

1- Lower back pain, lumbar disc disease, varicose veins, neck arthritis, neck pain, chronic headaches and lower back arches due to long term standing of hair dresser.

2- Working with scissors causes an ankle spray, haircut shreds on hair dresser and the customer face, which is a dangerous for hair dresser and causes discomfort for customer.

3- 3. Weakness and lack of adequate knowledge of hair dresser on morphology (face expression) to perform best hairstyle based on full knowledge of the face and head.

By applying haircutting system (clipper), all hair dresser problems in beauty salons will be eliminated, and will increase the satisfaction of the people regarding the quality, speed and service of the hair dresser. On the other hand, cut hairs are not shred into the face of another person, and the rough scissors, the shoulder and the hair dresser's hands, and the stretching of the hair, and the discomfort and of abnormal hair loss will be avoided.

Prior Arts:

The hairdressing tools and equipment, the most important of which are used directly, are combs, scissors and correction machines, combs and special hairdressing scissors for hair, structural, innovation and innovation have not changed much from the old to today. For the hairdressing machine, which in fact progresses in any industry, and a new instrument and device is made; the previous tool is out of the way. While wearing a hair dresser with a variety of hairdressing, electric and corded hair and ... Scissors still hold their place, and the main reason for this is the hair repair machine, which only has the ability to shorten the short hair and short style. Long hair with scissors should be shortened and the car does not use in long hair. The reason is the type of car structure and the technical limitations that it has, or rather, electric hairdressing machines are currently working on the same hairdressing machine as handcuffs dating back to about fifty years ago, with the difference that they are electrical.

One of the innovations in this field is Hair Stylist's haircutting helmet, which has been registered with Application Number: 05570243 and Application Date: April 21, 1975 in WIPO. Abstract: A hair stylist's haircutting helmet comprising a headpiece shaped to conform to and fit over the human head, the headpiece being provided with a plurality of openings to which vacuum suction may be applied in order to draw the underlying hair up through the openings so that it may be uniformly cut and shaped using the helmet as a guide to same. A method for vacuum suction haircutting to achieve a uniform cut and shape is purposed.

This invention is completely differs from the claimed one.

Developing an innovative solution to the technical issue with a detailed and integrated description of the invention: the Automatic Haircutting System process is such that when the costumer is seated in a special chair, the device automatically adjusts the chair relative to the person's height and to the short position of the hair, then the photographs and facial coordinates, face and head anatomy, The geometry of the face and face, the genus of hair and skin, skin color, head position, size and shape of the head, the size of the hair and the position of hair growth are identified and processed on your computer. Such information, with the help of morphology, performs the best type of haircut and hairstyle on the person. On the computer monitor, all hairstyles and the best hairstyle are displayed with one's own face. It's easy to work with the monitor, and the person himself can easily select his hairstyle and then start the button.

After clicking on the Start button, the arm of the robot starts moving and places the short pipe (cutting) in a short start position. The cutting tube control arm is scheduled to go through its path, starting from the right arm and ending at the center of the head. The only soft and delicate touch on the head is the soft plastic cap, headed at the head of the cord tube, to protect the face- to-face contact with the scalp and replaceable for each individual.

The hair cutting tube suckers the head into the tube as it approaches the user's level. The inside of the pipe is fixed and movable round blades, an outboard blade and a movable blade behind the blade fixed (in) by the motor behind the blades and rotating. And in relation to the hairstyle and the size of the hair that should be left on the head, the blade adjusts its position with the front and back of the tube by the motor used at the end of the tube.

Due to the size of the fixed blade (two mm) and the tube head protector (two millimeters), the shortest hair that is short is four millimeters and the hair is longer than 60 cm, in fact the size of the hair cutting tube is about sixty centimeters, with the end The cutting blades in the hair cutting tube, in fact, have the ability to shortly vary in size from four millimeters (No. 4) to sixty centimeters. In short, all the cats cut by the sucker system are directed to the inside of the device compartment, and the hair on the face, face and face do not scroll.

According to the program for each hairstyle in different areas of the head, the hair should be different sizes. The stitch is about one centimeter long, and over five centimeters, when the tube moves in a certain range around the head, the blade is placed one centimeter across the head and the hair is cut off, and when it moves in the specified range above the head, blade adjust its 5 cm distance.

This operation is performed with extraordinary high accuracy in all kinds of hairstyle and in size. When working short, if a hairdressing person shakes his head, the device will change the short position of the camera by using the processors of the camera at the same moment. This operation is done in a hundredth of a second, so that if a person shakes his head permanently, there will be no shortage of problems and even a short pipe does not touch the head, which will cause a person's discomfort.

The entire hairdressing operation takes place in just 2 minutes, and what remains for the hair dresser to do is to hairdressing the hair behind the neck with a shaving machine or a razor, and then, if necessary, washed, hairdryer and make up.

A brief description of drawings

The frame (1) is the main column of the device, and all other devices are connected to this part, and at the end of the body space embedded in the sucker engine, the hair collector tank, the controller (computer) and other connections, which are at the back of the door.

The chairs (2) are specially designed to seat the customer, which can be adjusted through the device's controller via the following jack. Also, adjusting the head to the height of the hair cutting tube will be adjusted in height. To display a variety of hairstyle with a person's face image and choosing the appropriate hairstyle, and generally customer relationship, there is a monitor (3) in front of him.

Camera (4) connected to the body from the base. There are three cameras on the body of the device and a camera on the bottom and back of the seat, these cameras are capable of imaging, scanning , sensing and positioning system. A hairdressing or hair cutting tube (5) that performs hairdressing operations inside the tube, which has a blade and an engine for short work. A robotic arm (6) consists of a few motors and arms to move the hair cutting tube.

In Fig. 2, various sections of the hairdressing tube are visible. The 501 body of this tube is 60 cm long and 50 mm in diameter and 4 mm thick with a diameter of 46 mm. The pipe material will be of steel or carbon fiber to provide high strength and durability.

The transparent and plastic cap (502) is fitted to the tube to protect and observe the health of each person, and its structure is narrow and round blades, the diameter is 1 mm in diameter and 1 mm thick. The PVC is a soft resin, in which PVC is used as a resin retainer to prevent damage to the resin when it hits the scalp.

Another part is a circular and fixed blade, 503, which has a bladelike structure. The diameter of this blade is 38 mm and its thickness is 2 mm. This part can also be made of ck45 or spk or stainless steel, the blade angle is for cutting the most important part of this section. The movable blade (504) which is mounted on a steady blade, this has three -blades and is very sharp that can cut the hair at high speed. The blade is made of a ck45 or spk or stainless steel, the blade is 35 mm in diameter and 2 mm thick, the blade is connected to the motor (506) by a coupling plate and a rod (505). The rotation of the motor shaft rods and moves the cutting blade.

The balancing rod (507) has the function of raising and lowering the motor in parallel with the rod spindle (508). The striated and bolt rod that controls and change blades engine. The gear (509) is attached to the motor located at the end of the pipe (510) to rotate the rod.

The motor is used to control the movement of the rod by a rotating device connected to it. This engine is fixed at the end of the tube and has an intelligent sensor for precise adjustment of motor distance to control haircut size (hair cutting).

The up and down mechanism of the engine and blades in the pipe can be either a rail system or a car, and both are intended for production in the pipe and can be implemented. The whole mechanism, the general structure of the short tube, sizes, sex, etc. can varies.

The end of the tube is attached to the spigot tube, and the spigot tube connects to the hair picker and the motor sucker motor system. This system acts like a vacuum cleaner.

The clear description of claimed invention advantages:

1. Comply with hygiene principle

2. Hair Dresser health

3- Uniform Hair cutting

4. Stimulating hair root and massage the scalp

5- it can be applied in certain places

6. Introducing the best hairstyle for the client in terms morphology

7- Executing all masculine and feminine styles in unlimited manner.

8. Introduction and implementation of the best style of facial and anatomy of the person with respect to morphology (facial expression)

9. High Speed, quality and accuracy

A practical approach to invent implementation

All salons and hairdressing salons for men and women, health and beauty schools (men's and women's hairdressing), beauty and care universities, hair restoration and implantation institutes and clinics, government and non-governmental companies, passenger terminals and Public places and all institutions and organizations can use the Automatic Haircutting System.

Explicit industrial application of invention The Automatic Haircutting System is the latest in the world of hairdressing and hairdressing industry. It's a robot that runs on the human head with no need for a high-quality precision hairdresser and full hygiene. By making and using this device, hair dresser problems will be thoroughly removed and the cosmetic industry will enhanced, considering that there is no factory for making hairdressing tools and appliances including scissors and repair machine in Iran, we will go ahead with this device when it comes to advanced countries such as Japan and Germany, which will bring modern and expensive hairdressing machines and scissors to Iran. In this area, due to the great interest in this art and the mechanics and electronics engineering I had to some extent, I was thinking of a solution to the problems that the hair dresser did, in terms of the technical weakness of the tools and equipment used In terms of physical damage to my hair dresser.

This led me to design a machine with the help of mechanical, electronics and robotics that would work in hairdressing in hairdressers with full health and safety, quality, speed and precision. Similar to this device, the main tools used in hair dresser work are scissors and hair clippers.