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WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/186372
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The present invention relates to a bending apparatus characterized by comprising: a plurality of bending racks having bent surfaces formed thereon and formed of upper racks and lower racks lying atop one another on a base frame, in order to fix a workpiece on an edge portion thereof and form a bent portion on a part of the workpiece; a support guiding plate formed on lower portions of the bending racks and having guide holes formed at certain intervals apart along the bent surfaces of the bending racks; a pillar body provided at one side of the support guiding plate and provided with a supporting piece for supporting the lower surfaces of the bending racks; elevating means having guide rods projecting upward from one side of the support guiding plate and transfer rods provided spaced apart at one side of the guide rods passing through the bending racks, and for transferring the upper racks vertically upward along the guide rods by means of an elevating action of transfer cylinders coupled to ends of the transfer rods and provided vertically on one side of the transfer rods; bend-forming means for moving along the guide holes of the support guiding plate and forming a bent portion by pressing the workpiece; power transfer means provided at the upper portion of the base frame to move the bend-forming means along the guide holes; and a controller for controlling the elevating means and the power transfer means. Thus, according to the present invention, because the bending racks include mutually separable upper and lower racks, upper jigs and lower jigs are formed on the upper racks and the lower racks, respectively, and the upper and lower jigs can be selectively coupled according to the height of the workpiece, the effect can be realized that workpieces having varying heights can be formed at the same time. In addition, because the workpieces are pressed and fixed at the middle portions of the bending racks, a pressing means is formed to be capable of forming bent portions of various shapes in a workpiece, and the shapes can be widely varied together with the upper and lower jigs, the effect can be realized that a plurality of bent portions can be formed having different radii of curvature.

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November 24, 2016
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May 12, 2016
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B21D7/024; B21D7/04
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RHU, Keehyun (KR)
유기현 (KR)
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