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WIPO Patent Application WO/2013/108282
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Orthopedic office chair with innovation for the discharge of the spine, using an ergonomic adjustable backrest that provides a chest support. The chair can be used in the usual way or in the opposite direction that is supporting the front of the torso on its back, which increases the contact surface decreased body at the same time the pressure on the spine. All this is supported by certain mechanical arrangements (amended back, arm rests swivel...), making the chair can redistribute the forces that insist on the spine thus preventing back pain.

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Publication Date:
October 17, 2013
Filing Date:
January 17, 2013
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International Classes:
A47C1/03; A47C7/00; A47C7/38; A47C9/00
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received by the International Bureau on 30 July 2013 (30.07.2013)

1) Orthopedic chair for office use, diversified by having a backrest modified to be usable in the chest support (2), characterized in that the backrest is inserted into the seat (8) via the mast (10) said backrest having mushroom shape (Figure 2e), having the widened part of support for the shoulders compared to the usual office chairs, with a top with curved corners (Figure 2e) and having made the final part near the 'insertion in the seat curved towards the inside on both sides (1 1), bringing the total with of the backrest, in the lower part of insertion on the seat, proportional to the distance between the insertion of the femurs of the human skeleton; chair characterized by the fact to possess more than one, of the swivel arms (3) with a rotational mechanism (10), an extendable chin-support (1) on top of the backrest, a seat more ergonomic and adapted for use with the above-mentioned (8.4), each wheel (5) of the base support is provided with rubber anti tipping means and support feet longer (12) of the chairs usual, with curved structure.

2) Orthopedic chair for office use according to claim 1 characterized by the fact of having swivel arms (3) equipped with a rotation mechanism mounted to the sides of the backrest (10) able to rotate them to 180 ° degrees to support the seat according to the criteria innovation previously mentioned; slightly inclined by about 5 ° -10 ° (3) to be positioned at the sides of the user parallel to the ground being innovative seat (Figure 1), mounted with a support from below with which joins (9), equipped with a curved line with insertion to about 2/3 of the length of the armrest and provided with a rotation mechanism similar to that of the previously mentioned arm (10).

3) Orthopedic chair for office use according to claim 1 characterized by the fact of having a chin extensible supports mounted on the top of the backrest (1), of a semi-elliptical, with padding 10-15 cm wide massive, the mechanism of which carrier is mounted on the back of the backrest (1), extensible to about 15 cm, equipped with a supporting structure rigid and adjustable, and of cylindrical shape

4) Orthopedic chair for office use according to claim 1 characterized by the fact of having rubber anti-tip (5) positioned immediately above the wheels (Figure 2d, 2e), at the end of the feet of the chair, hard rubber and circular in shape, very thick (about 1.5-2 cm), approximately 0.5 cm from the ground and arranged for the 180 ° of the outer part of the wheel (figure 2d), so as to cover, with a radial symmetry, the whole area support of the seat of the user (figure 1).

5) Orthopedic chair for office use according to claim 1 characterized by having the following changes in load of the seat: the rear perimeter of the seat is made of the concave curves (7), or the concavity is towards the center of the chair (Figure 2a, 2b, 2c), the curved lines are positioned between the center of the seat and the respective side corners (7), the seat is characterized by an initial inclination of about 5-10 ° (4) and has a greater surface support (50x50 cm 2, approximately) (8) with respect to office chairs common (figure 2b); the seat is characterized in that it be larger, more enveloping and more ergonomic especially with regard to the innovative seat (figures 1.5), characterized by a three-lobed structure below (6), formed by two lobes front and a rear mounted to the same angle (6), can be considered the fact that the 2 anterior lobes can be mounted at an angle slightly more open at the center but the posterior lobe must necessarily be mounted so that its horizontal projection, on the line of the seat itself is perpendicular with the backrest (figure 2d).