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WIPO Patent Application WO/2022/071967
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The present disclosure relates to a smart watch including a luxury watch. It provides a bridge to customers who are looking for 100% hand crafted genuine leather luxury bands without going to any third part vendor to convert they can simply order from the famous brands and get the smart watches in hand crafted genuine leather. It can also include smart watches & Luxury Watches; it will also be having front & back camera features.

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April 07, 2022
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October 04, 2020
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G04C17/00; G04B47/00; G04G21/00; G04G21/02; G04G21/08; G04G99/00
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[0048] Claim I: A luxury smart watches comprising:

- a watch;

- a smart watch;

- a front & back camera watch;

~ 100% genuine leather;


Kendrick Flintroy for a






A portion of the disclosure of this patent document contains material which is subject to copyright protection. The copyright owner has no objection to the facsimile reproduction by anyone of the patent disclosure, as it appears in the Patent and Trademark Office patent files or records, but otherwise reserves all copyright rights whatsoever.


Field of the Invention:

[0001] Courtesy Of 2Connected Luxury Smart Watches will be a model of smart watches with 100% hand crafted genuine leather luxury bands. Brands like Gucci, LV, Fendi, MCM, Chanel etc.

Technical Field:

[0002] Embodiments of the present invention relate to the field of smart watches, and particularly to luxury smart watch. Description of the Related Art:

[0003] In prior art, smart wearable devices have been considerably widely used. Functions integrated in the smart devices are becoming diversiform and the smart devices are gradually becoming necessary product in human daily life.

[0004] However, the smart wearable devices in prior art have a markedly insufficient standby time. As an example, a smart watch basically needs to be charged once a day, and even needs to be charged once per several hours when frequently used, which brings notable inconvenience to a user and falls short of original intention of the smart wearable device for providing convenience to human living.

[0005] A smart watch is an embedded system wrist watch which has advanced functions compared to general watches. Initially, the embedded functions were calculating, translating, and playing games together with displaying time. But, presently, the functions may include various functions driven by mobile applications as well as phone call, receiving/sending voice and text messages, and playing audio and video files. Present smart watch generally includes camera, accelerometer, thermometer, altimeter, barometer, compass, chronograph, touch screen, touch screen, GPS, SD card, and chargeable and dischargeable battery. [0006] The smart watch includes a display panel for performing functions and checking information. The design including a display panel may arouse ethnic sense of future oriented, but users who are accustomed to the traditional ethnic sense of analog watch having an hour hand and a minute hand may not choose the design.

[0007] So, a smart watch which is designed to look like an analog watch displaying a rotating hour hand a rotating minute hand is being required. But it is still hard to reproduce traditional ethnic sense of analog watch. In addition, checking time may be impossible when wireless communication condition is bad or a battery is discharged.

[0020] None of the previous inventions and patents, taken either singly or in combination, is seen to describe the instant invention as claimed. Hence, the inventor of the present invention proposes to resolve and surmount existent technical difficulties to eliminate the aforementioned shortcomings of prior art.


[0021] In light of the disadvantages of the prior art, the following summary is provided to facilitate an understanding of some of the innovative features unique to the present invention and is not intended to be a foil description. A foil appreciation of the various aspects of the invention can be gained by taking the entire specification, claims, drawings, and abstract as a whole.

[0022] This smart watch not only have features like no other smart watch company with a front & back camera.

[0023] Gucci Bands, LV Bands, Mcm band, Fendi bands, Snakeskin band, Python band etc. will all be consumers choice.

[0024] The watch will have a 100% handmade genuine leather designer brand bands.

[0025] This invention are 2 existing products bridged together to make Courtesy Of 2Connected luxury smart watch brand the “2C Unisex Watch”.

[0026] This is unique & ne w to the market no other smart watches brands are making 100% genuine leather designer bands selling them with their smart watches.

[0027] The consumers that own watches like Apple Watch must contact individual companies to get a nice-looking luxury watch. So, we will be creating and giving the idea of making and converting the watches into genuine leather designed.

[0032] It is a further object of the present invention to provide a new and improved method which is of a reliable system.

[0033] This application is for all the age group, targeting all type of peoples.

[0034] This Summary is provided merely for purposes of summarizing some example embodiments, so as to provide a basic understanding of some aspects of the subject matter described herein. Accordingly, it will be appreciated that the above-described features are merely examples and should not be construed to narrow the scope or spirit of the subject matter described herein in any way. Other features, aspects, and advantages of the subject matter described herein will become apparent from the following Detailed Description, Figures, and Claims.


[0035] Detailed descriptions of the preferred embodiment are provided herein. It is to be understood, however, that the present invention may be embodied in various forms. Therefore, specific details disclosed herein are not to be interpreted as limiting, but rather as a basis for the claims and as a representative basis for teaching one skilled in the art to employ the present invention in virtually any appropriately detailed system, structure or manner.

[0036] It is hereby explained in detail that customers must buy Apple watches to get a smart watch & for their luxury band they have to contact an independent seller hand making them. This smart watch is a 1 stop shop. The smart watch will not only stand out because of its unique features for example front & back cameras. This watch could also facetime with the google duo app I believe you cannot have these features with our competition like apple watches, Samsung smart watches., and other luxury watches.

[0037] Each brand not only have a huge margin of customers that will buy they have an advantage over other apple watch & Samsung brands with their big fanbase.

[0037] Our target market will be men-women 18-40 years old. Name: “2C Unisex Watch” Band Size: Luxury Bands are changeable 2. Long Strap: L*W=12.6cm*24cm 3) Short Strap (without buckle): L*W=8.5cm*2.4cm

[0045] While a specific embodiment has been shown and described, many variations are possible. With time, additional features may be employed. The particular shape or configuration of the platform or the interior configuration may be changed to suit the system or equipment with which it is used.

[0046] Having described the invention in detail, those skilled in the art will appreciate that modifications may be made to the invention without departing from its spirit. Therefore, it is not intended that the scope of the invention be limited to the specific embodiment illustrated and described. Rather, it is intended that the scope of this invention be determined by the appended claims and their equivalents.

[0047] The Abstract of the Disclosure is provided to allow the reader to quickly ascertain the nature of the technical disclosure. It is submitted with the understanding that it will not be used to interpret or limit the scope or meaning of the claims. In addition, in the foregoing Detailed Description, it can be seen that various features are grouped together in various embodiments for the purpose of streamlining the disclosure. This method of disclosure is not to be interpreted as reflecting an intention that the claimed embodiments require more features than are expressly recited in each claim. Rather, as the following claims reflect, inventive subject matter lies in less than all features of a single disclosed embodiment. Thus, the following claims are hereby incorporated into the Detailed Description, with each claim standing on its own as a separately claimed subject matter.