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WIPO Patent Application WO/1996/014751
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A bleeding and cooling tank for use when slaugther fish consisting of an outer tank wall (1) wherein there is situated a star sharing the tank into chambers (3) formed as sectors of a circle and the arms of the star are vertical netting walls (2). The netting walls (2) are rotated around its center axle (4) by an engine (5). A lift system (7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) for moving the bottom of the chambers (3) up to the upper edge of the tank wall (1), is fixed situated at the tank wall (1).

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Publication Date:
May 23, 1996
Filing Date:
November 22, 1994
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A22C25/02; (IPC1-7): A22B3/08; A22C25/02
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1. Tank for washing fish which is formed as an circle and shared into chambers formed as sectors of the circle with raisable bottom when there is done a rotation movement to drive the fish around in the tank characterize by one into the tank in the horisontal plane rotating star grid (2) sharing the tank into chambers (3) where one of the radius wall in the chambers is a plate and the other a perforated plate an where the bottom is arranged to raise when the chambers is in a fixed position.
2. Tank for washing fish according to claim 1, characterize by that there on the tank wall (1) is arranged two parallel and vertical lift legs (7) where in between there tops is arranged a power axle (8) where in its both ends are arranged toothed wheels (10) tracking power chains (11) arranged to raise and sink a lift frame (12).
3. Tank for washing fish according to claim 2, characterize by that the lift frame (12) and the lift legs (7) in between have an angle of 80 ° as the bottom of the chamber (3) will get the same angle when influated by the lift frame (12).
4. Tank for washing fish according to claim 1, characterize by that one wall which falling together with a radius of the star grid (2) consists of dense plate and the other wall by a perforated plate.
5. Tank for washing fish according to claim 1 and 4, characterize by the wall of the chambers (3) falling together with the radius of the star grid (2) are equipped with jet arrangement (13,14).

The invention is concerning a bleeding and cooling tank for usage when slaugther offish. A tank used where the naped fish are swimming, bleeding and dying.

The general state of the art is known trought Norwegian patent 160.756 concerning a half circle form open tank containing av movable wall for guiding the fish up and out of the open tank after bleeding and waching. This way of operation is discontinuing because when the open tank are filled with fish and these are not bleeding any more and are cleaned then it will be guided out of the open tank by the movable wall. Such batching operations are ineffectiv.

Another equipment consists of a closed tank containing a moving belt whereon several small walls are situated across the direction of the movement of the belt forming sections The height of these small walls are near to the distance from the belt and up to the innerside of the top of the tank which surround the belt. In this way the moving belt are shared into small sections wherein the fish are guided. The movable belt is submerged into water and the fish are forced in a direction by the small walls. This causes the fish to be influated by a mecanical force to be brought with the moving belt which further causes very often damage of the ridges and the quality of the fish reduced. A reduced quality is a loss in price for the farmer.

In Norwegian patent 173.122 which belongs to the applicant of this matter, is viewed a in a horisontal plane rotating tank where the tank inside is shared into several chambers formed as sectors of a circle. A source lane is leading the fish into the chambers in the tank and a drain lane is leading the fish away from the tank when the fish have been brought one rotation around in the tank To be able to lead the fish from the tank there are arranged in each chamber a raisable bottom which leads the fish up to the edge of the tank, over it and into the drain lane. The patent views a continues way of treating the bleeding fish. The construction making the tank to rotate is based at the fact that the tank have to stable so it will be able to rotate the necessary volu of water and fish. The raisable bottom in each chamber, is an expensive element when thinking about that only one chamber is emptied at a one time The lift for raising the bottom, need a free distance up to the ceiling of the doble of the height of the tank

The intention of this invention, is to present a simple, more reliable and profitable construction than known from the general state of the art and specially trought No-


This are attained by that there in the tank is situated a grid which shares the tank into chambers in that one radiell wall in the chamber consist of a dense plate and the other by a perforated plate and where the bottom is able to be raised when the chambers are in a certain position

Other details concerning the invention will appears by the following description and belonging drawings explaining a example of carrying out the invention

Figure 1 The bleeding and cooling tank look at from above showing it shared into chambers

Figure 2. A vertical cross view of the bleeding and cooling tank

Figure 3 Side view showing the lift for raising the bottom in the chambers

Figure 4 Side view of the same detail as in figure 3 but here seen from a position rotated in the horisontal plane by an angle of 90 °

Figure 5 The lift seen from above showing the lift frame for the moving bottom

Figure 6 The walls of the chambers with washing equipment

Figure 7 Details of the washing equipment on the wall of chambers

The tank consists of an outer tank wall 1 formed as a circle In the tank there is a star grid 2 sharing it into several chambers 3, because each arm of the star grid 2 is a vertical wall The star grid 2 and the tank has the same center and the star grid 2 is rotating around an axle 4 by means of an engine 5 The shape of the chambers 3 is as sectors of the circle

The star grid 2 consists an upper and lower star shape and in between the arms of this stars there are vertical walls sharing the tank into sector formed chambers 3 Each wall is a radius in the tank and in each chamber 3 is one wall a plate and the other a netting wall

At one place of the tank wall 1, there is situated a lift 6 consisting of two vertical and parallel lift legs 7 and at the top in between these lift legs 7, is placed a power axle 8 connected to and driven by an lift engine 9 In each end of the power axle 8 there are placed toothed wheels 10 and a power chain 11 where these power chains 11 are situated into the lift legs 7 and transfer the force down to a lift frame 12 formed very much like a triangle The lift frame 12 is able to raise and sink along the lift legs 7 by means of the power transfer 10,1 1

The lift frame 12 is placed in such a position that it fills up the horisontal cross section in a chamber 3 When the rotation of the star grid 2 is stoped one chamber 3 is in position at the lift 7 The lift frame 12 has an angle of 80 ° to the lift legs 7 so when the lift frame 12 is raised and a not fixed bottom of the chamber 3 raising together with the lift frame 12 and will have an inclination of 10° out against the outer tank wall The bleeding fish will then slide over the edge an into and outlet lane which is shown in figure 1 together with the lift 6

The outlet lane have no position number in the figure The raisable bottom of the chambers 3 is perforated for easier to evacuate the water under the raising operation

The lift frame 12 have it lower position into a hollow in the bottom of the tank which is situated lower than the star grid 2 so the star grid 2 is able to pass during the rotation

The tank can be equipped with cooling generator for cooling the fish to keep the quality

The tank is equipped with jets 13 and washing sourch 14 which are situated along the upper edge of the radius walls of the chambers 3 to wash the walls to be able to clean the star grid 2 when rotating This are shown in figure 6 and 7