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WIPO Patent Application WO/2015/123581
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A system includes a multi-chamber squeeze tube, each chamber respectively containing a first material and a different second material, the tube configured to dispense each of the first and second materials at the same time in a predetermined ratio for chemical reaction and use.

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August 20, 2015
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February 13, 2015
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BORN, Scott (1111 Third Avenue Suite 340, Seattle WA, US)
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What is claimed is:

1. An apparatus, comprising;

a multi-chamber squeeze tube, each chamber respectively containing a first material and a different second material, the tube configured to dispense each of the first and second materials at the same time in a predetermined ratio for chemical reaction and use.



|0001| The present application claims priority from IKS. Provisional Application No. 61/939,392, filed February 13, 2014, which is incorporated by reference as if rally set fort herein,


! ' 0Θ02! Previous approaches include a onetime use ···· throw-away product To extrude material from such a prior device, a pouch must be rolled up by band or with a mechanical device such as a key. Such a prior device is messy, time consuming and is disadvantageously configured to trap material within, leading to waste of such material. Such prior devices may include foil laminate sheets.


J0003| Preferred and altemative embodiments of the present invention are described in detail below with reference to the following drawing figures.

|000 | FIG. 1 illustrates top, side, exploded and perspective views of a multi-chamber squeeze tube and nozzle according to an embodiment of the invention; and

J0005J FIG. 2 illustrates top, side and perspective views of nozzle configurations according to altemative embodiments of the i vention. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF A PREFERRED EMBODIMENT

J0006J This patent application is intended to describe one or more embodiments of the present invention. It is to be understood that the use of absolute terms, such as "must," "will," and the like, as well as specific quantities, is to be construed as being applicable to one or more of such embodiments, but not necessarily to all such embodiments. As such, embodiments of the invention may omit, or include a modification of, one or more features or functionalities described in the context of such absolute terms,

|0007| Embodiments of the invention include a unique packaging system and a method designed to deliver tnulti part adhesives and sealants for repairing a variety of materials. These materials can be found in Construction, Retail, Hardware and Industrial applications.

|0008| Applications to which embodiments of the invention may be applied include a wide variety of Adhesive and Sealant repair for concrete, wood, stucco, metal, fiberglass, ceramics, hobby and craft etc . for repairing a variety of materials.

|0009| More particularly, embodiments of the invention offer a more user friendly packaging system to deliver multi-component, (e.g., components A <& B) adhesive, sealant, or chemically reactive mixture to, on or in a variety of substrates, than is currently available in the market.

|0010J Material enclosed within a squeeze tube according to an embodiment can be squeezed out by hand without having to roll fiom bottom of the tube or use a mechanical device.

[00111 Rathe than employing foil laminate sheets, an embodiment of the invention includes a chemically resistant and flexible polymer material

[00121 An embodiment includes a multi-chambered squeeze tube with or without a mixing nozzle. Such squeeze tube may contain various total of volumes of product - ,5 ounces to an large, desired size - to dispense multiple chemicall reactive components, according to one of the following options A and B: [00131 Preparation for use according to an embodiment:- remove protective plastic cap from threaded spout and remove retaining plug, (D-plug) and then:

[00141 OPTION A - squeeze out product without automatic mixing nozzle and manually mix product and appl to work area; or

[00151 OPTION B - squeeze out product with automatic mixing nozzle and apply to work area.

[00161 The accompanying drawing figures illustrate at least one example of a squeeze tube and mixing nozzle according to at least one embodiment of the invention.

[00171 ^ s alluded to above, and as is more particularly illustrated in FIG. I , an embodiment of the invention includes a unique multi-chamber squeeze tube 100 as part of a material delivery system. Each chamber I S O, 120 contains an individual component (example Pari A material, different Part B material) with the ability to dispense each component at the same time on correct ratio for chemical reaction and use.

[0018} The mixing nozzle, examples of which can be seen in FIG. 2, thoroughly mixes the respective materials together so that the resultant mixture is ready to use upon dispensing from the tube.

[00191 The material "A" may be composed of a resin chemical to achieve the reactive physical properties desired when mixed with the catalyst "B" on the other side of the tube. Likewise the "B M material may be composed of various catalyst combinations and non- reactive materials to achieve the desired ratio of A to B and the resultant desired physical properties.

[0O20| As illustrated in the accompanying drawings, the manufactured design of an embodiment of the invention is as follows (a 1 : 1 mixture ratio in this example):

10021 J Start with a tube large enough to include the total desired volume of mixture.

[00221 Next step is to seal the single large tube in half, (longitudinally) producing two equal 1 : 1 ratio sides. With each side having a half threaded dispensing outlet that will eventually come together to create a full threaded dispensing outlet. [0023] Next step is fold the tube in half and seal the bottom,

[Q024| Next step is to attach the o e remaining side creating a final single squeeze tube with two separate chambers,

|002S| An embodiment includes, or can otherwise administer, two or more chemical products in a squeeze tube having two or more chambers that dispenses on-ratio material and offers automatic product mixing via automatic mixing nozzle.

[00261 An embodiment fills a need for a low cost user friendl packaging system of adhesives, sealants or other of multi-part chemical products not found in squeeze tube packaging currently on the market. Our squeeze tube does not require a manual caulking gun or "key" to extrude the product from the tube. Previous attempted solutions require a key to dispense or extrude the material.

f0027| The squeeze tube design according to an embodiment of the invention is much easier and more user-friendly tha current packaging systems, because it can easily be squeezed by hand without using a dispensing tool. This design also automatically allows the multi -component, materials to be delivered via a mixing nozzle and ready for immediate, on- ratio material use.

[00281 An embodiment has no right angle comers to trap the enclosed material and thus prevent it from being dispensed, thereb eliminating unnecessary waste. In an exemplary embodiment, at the top of the tube where the product is dispensed, the corners are c urved and not configured at sharp right angles, thereby trapping product and making it impossible to full dispense the enclosed material.

0029| An embodiment includes a special threaded dispensing outlet with capability of attaching an auto mixing nozzle. Consequently, an embodiment includes a manually squeezable tube cooperating with such a dispensing outlet and auto mixing nozzle.

[00301 An embodiment includes a plug to re-seal after each use, therefore allowing material to be saved for later use and reducing or eliminating waste of the enclosed material. This feature is in contradistinction with previous attempted solutions, which consist of a single-use tube that is not reseaiable after a first use and, consequently, wastes all unused material.

|0O3:IJ While the preferred embodiment of the invention has been iliustrated and described, as noted above, many changes can he made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention. Accordingly, the invention is not limited except as by the appended claims.