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WIPO Patent Application WO/2021/057081
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Disclosed is a nondestructive testing device for an automobile hub, the nondestructive testing device comprising a circular-plate-shaped supporting bottom plate (10), a rotary conveying device (20), and a nondestructive testing device body (30), wherein a cylindrical rotating center column (11) is formed in the center of an upper end face of the supporting bottom plate; the rotary conveying device comprises a cylindrical rotary supporting seat (22); a cylindrical groove-shaped sleeving groove matching the rotating center column is formed in the center of a lower end face of the rotary supporting seat; the rotary supporting seat is arranged on the rotating center column in a sleeving manner and rotates anticlockwise intermittently at equal angles of 90 degrees; four cylindrical supporting plates (24) are arranged on a cylindrical surface of the rotary supporting seat in a lifting manner, and the four supporting plates are uniformly distributed in the circumferential direction; vertically-through material holes (240) are formed in the centers of the supporting plates; hub supporting plates (26) are arranged directly under the supporting plates in a lifting manner; and four stations that are evenly distributed in the circumferential direction are arranged on the periphery of the supporting bottom plate. The testing device is simple in structure, capable of performing continuous testing and convenient in feeding and discharging, and unqualified products and qualified products are discharged in a separated manner so as to avoid mixing.

LIN, Bin (South Road Of Hangwen Zeguo Town, Wenlin, Taizhou Zhejiang 3, CN)
WAN, Kun (Group 2 Wenfeng Commuity, Tianxing Town, Qu Count, Dazhou Sichuan 0, CN)
TIAN, Yong (Xiazhai Village Xiazhai Town, Dali Count, Weinan Shaanxi 3, CN)
WAN, Shiwen (Ziran Village Of Fujiache Wangongshan Village, Shezu Zone, Longgang, Yongfeng Count, Ji'an Jiangxi 0, CN)
LI, Qinghe (No. 12 Hengshanyili, Houxi Town, Jimei Distric, Xiamen Fujian 0, CN)
JI, Senlin (Shanshang Village Youdunjie Town Of Poyangh, Shangrao Jiangxi 0, CN)
SU, Liangzheng (No. 10 Meirenshanyili, Xike Town, Tong'an Distrci, Xiamen Fujian 0, CN)
XU, Guoqiang (Dajie of Longxi Town Linchuan Distric, Fuzhou Jiangxi 0, CN)
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Publication Date:
April 01, 2021
Filing Date:
June 04, 2020
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ZHEJIANG YUELING CO., LTD. (Zeguo Road Zeguo Town, Wenlin, Taizhou Zhejiang 3, CN)
International Classes:
B07C5/34; G01N29/04
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
LANTIAN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AGENCY (East of Shifu Road Jiaojiang Distric, Taizhou Zhejiang 0, CN)
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