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WIPO Patent Application WO/2021/002808
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A method for making healthy drink made from Popcorn comprises making popcorn by hot air without any additives such as oil or salt and fine grinding of popcorn into powder. To produce the drink grinded popcorn are boiled with water.

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January 07, 2021
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April 29, 2019
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SANO, Mohammed and His Partner (SY)
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The Required Claims in Patent

making popcorn by hot air without any additives such as oil , salt or anything else .

fine grinding of popcorn into powder

using grinded popcorn powder by five small spoonful ( five grams ) per water cup or mug and boiling it until it rises and boils for five minutes to produce the drink .

Invention Title : Popcorn Coffee

Technical Description popcorn coffee: the corn status before popcorn coffee

Corn was discovered with the discovery of America in 1492. Christopher Columbus brought with him this seed and was implanted all over the world and has many nutritional applications.

The history of the popcorn dates back to five thousand years by the red Indians and then it's spread to the entire world. Its method of consumption and taking it as food is still followed as it was since that old time as it was for some nations who consider corn and its food derivatives a main nutrient . While in our present time , popcorn is a snack for fun known by everyone including little children and adults and they added to it various additives including oils , sugars and artificial colorants ...etc. The shelves of shop are full of brightly colored bags to persuade children to have it .

Adding anything to popcorn either upon cooking or after that will increase the percentage of harmful fats and increase sugars which produce calories that affect adversely the heart and arteries and causes weight gain .

To eliminate all these risks and to make popcorn safe hundred percent , the idea of making it with hot air came and without any additives to get the full benefit out of it .

It's possible to eat grains of popcorn and make it like that without oil or additives and enjoy it . But which is more enjoyable to serve it in a dish ? or in a cup ? I don't imagine to serve it in an office or cafe dish and during work . However it's possible to serve it in a cup in all these places in the form of popcorn coffee . How does the story of popcorn coffee start ? : after reading a piece of information in the newspaper Alfida which is published in Hama city in the edition of 21/8/2006 in which there is an article by Dr. Fawzi ALSHOBAKI , the researcher in the national center of researches in Egypt . In this article the author presents his researches on the benefits of pop corn and states that it will stimulate the brain more than coffee and caffeine , even that popcorn contains the amino acid tryptophan which is converted within the body into serotonin which stimulates brain more powerfully than coffee and without side effects . This leads to physical and psychological balance / equilibrium and a feeling with joy and pleasure and happiness along with openness to life . It also contains all B complex vitamins which feed the body and nerves and contains proteins and compound carbohydrates , mineral salts and antioxidants ... After reading this article I grinded popcorn and boil it and so the popcorn coffee was born as a healthy stuff for body and spirit . Detailed Explanation

Popcorn is made by hot air using household and industrial processes and without any additives . After that we grind the popcorn with the house grinder to form a fine yellow colored powder which is saved in glass or plastic or paper containers until to be used .

The traditional method in house is to place a quarter of small cup of water and 200 gr. of yellow corn / maize in an utensil and then placed on mild fire until corn is popped and fill the utensil . If we placed the same above amounts in a glass utensil or Pyrex in order to be cooked in a microwave oven and the popcorn is formed after 4-5 minutes .

The microwave method : an amount of a hand fist is placed in paper bag and the bag is tightly sealed using paper plaster and then the bag is placed in the microwave and after 4-5 minutes the bag will be full of popcorn. There are heat proof bags available in the market for microwave application which can be used to make popcorn .In industry there are special machines to make popcorn by hot air and there is no research or a factory which package the grinded popcorn or use its powder as a popcorn coffee . I hope that the application for a patent for popcorn coffee can find its way in future and to find a packages of them on supermarket shelves with brands which compete with and accompany other popular drinks

How to Make Popcorn Coffee

We take five small spoonful of grinded popcorn powder for each cup of water in the coffee making utensil or kittle and then boiled for five minutes and then the product will rise in boiling .

The longer the time of rising and boiling the more the nutrients and antioxidants are released from 50 to 900% and then the resulting liquid is poured in a .cup . By this way we obtained an interesting drink which we call it " popcorn coffee " with yellow color and acceptable reasonable taste and mild sweetness where the sweetness index of this drink is 70% , therefore it doesn't need any sweetener and has a smooth fine taste and acceptable tone off boiled corn in a form of drink .

The Nutritional Contents in " Popcorn Coffee "

The contents of carbohydrates , fats , proteins , fibers and energy in " Popcorn Coffee " per 100 gr. are as follows :

Energy : 389 calories , the resulting energy and this equals about 19% of the body demand /needs based on a total body demand of 2000 calories

3 gr. unsaturated fats

1 gr. mono unsaturated fats

1.9 gr. polyunsaturated fats 0.75 gr. saturated fatty acids 9.77 gr. complex / compound carbohydrate 14.5 dietary fibers which gives 58% of the body demand

3.3 gr. water and this amounts forms about 14% of the corn grains which is necessary for corn popping .

15 gr. protein which forms 26% of the body demand

The above protein consists of the following (8) main amino acids :

* 0.1 gr. Tryptophane

* 0.4 gr. Isoleucine * 1.5 gr. Leucine

*0.3 gr. Lysine (80)*0.3 gr. Methionine

* 0.6 gr. Phenylalanine

* 0.6 gr.Valine * 0.5 gr. Thrionin

Also it contains the following (10) non basic amino acids :

(85) * 0.9 gr. Alanine *0.8 gr. Aspartic acid *2.3 gr. Glutamic acid *0.5 gr. Glycine

*1.0 gr. Proline *0.6 gr. Serine *0.2 gr. Cysteine *0.5 gr. Tyrosine *0.6 gr. Arginine

*0.5 gr. Histidine

* 55 gr. starch *0.9 gr. total sugars

*0.7 gr. sucrose

* 0.1 gr. glucose

*0.1 gr. fructose

Vitamin Content in Popcorn Coffee

• 196 IU of vitamin A (4% of body demand )

• 0.3 mg of vitamin E (1% of body demand )

• 2 mg of vitamin B1 , thiamine (17% of body demand )

• 3 mg of vitamin B2 , riboflavin (25% of body demand )

· 2.3 mg of vitamin niacin or nicotinic acid (11% of body demand ) (105)

• 32 mg of vitamin B6 , pyridoxine (10% of body demand )

• 31 pg of total folate , folic acid , vitamin B9 (8% of body demand )

• 0.5 mg of pantothenic acid , vitamin B5 (5% of body demand )

• 1.2 pg of tocoferol , vitamin K (2% of body demand )(110)

Minerals Content in Popcorn Coffee

• calcium 7 mg ( 1% of body demand )

• iron 3.2 mg ( 18% of body demand )

• magnesium 144 mg ( 36 % of body demand )

• phosphorus 359 mg ( 36% of body demand ) (115)

· potassium 329 mg ( 9% of body demand )

• zinc 3.1 mg ( 21% of body demand )

• copper 0.3 mg ( 15% of body demand )

• manganese 1.1 mg ( 55% of body demand )

• selenium 14 ug ( 20% of body demand ) (120) Antioxidants Content in Popcorn Coffee

The popcorn coffee contains about 300 mg of polyphenols antioxidants per cup of 5 gr. and this represents 15% of the total body demand estimated by 2000 mg and this twice the quantity available in fruits and vegetables

combined or individually and this discovery made recently in the 243 rd conference of chemists association in Chicago where professor Joe Vincent stated that : the study performed in Scranton university in state of Pennsylvania showed that popcorn contains antioxidants more than that in fruits and vegetables and that's not all , but the bothering small skins - which stick between your teeth - contains high unbelievable concentrates of antioxidants ad fibers . Joe Vinson clarifies that , one researcher stated " these skins deserve more respect " They are (130) golden skins of nutrition .

Benefits of a Cup or a Mug of 8 gr. of Popcorn Coffee

• 31 calories energy for the body and brain

*6 gr. carbohydrates equals of 2% of the body demand

• lgr. Protein •8 mg Serotonin

• 25 mg potassium

•24 mg phosphorus

· 12 mg magnesium

• 1.3 gr. fibers , equals to 4% of the body demand

•0.36 non saturated mono and poly fats

•600 mg antioxidants , polyphenols , equals 35% of the body demand estimated by about 2000 mg , in addition to a set of vitamin B complex and other vitamins and water . (145) This drink contains all nutrients required for healthy body and healthy spirit to work in constant renewable and sustainable energy and power including alert and mental wake , tranquility , psychiatric comfort , dynamic power and body nutrition .

" The healthy mind is by healthy body " this statement is due to Aristotle and completed today by Dr. Mustafa Abduljawad ( by healthy diet ) .

We can say it ( the healthy body is by healthy mind and by healthy diet ) because when the mind is filled with nutritional education then both body and mind will improve . We can say too that ( with healthy diet we build healthy mind and healthy body ) because by healthy food or healthy drink ( popcorn coffee ) we build healthy body and brain .This starts from the first day of pregnancy , through childhood , youth and long life with intact body and mind .

The healthy nutritional benefits of popcorn coffee

The benefit of popcorn coffee springs out from its various and synergized complemented contents which is the same as the benefits of popcorn but having it as a drink which is easily prepared and cost effective in cups and mugs of popcorn coffee .

* after the popcorn is grinded , the radical / roots of cells are broken and became loose , so its content of nutrients are released quickly and in a fashion easy for the digestive system to digest it and absorb it and metabolize it including compound carbohydrates , proteins , minerals , vitamins and antioxidants .

* when having popcorn , it's necessary to drink a lot of various fluids or water * while in drinking popcorn coffee , it combines all popcorn contents in a drink which are gathered and solved in it all benefits of basic nutrients into water

* the popcorn coffee is served in mugs and cups everywhere and every time in offices , houses and soiree as an easily prepared entertaining drink and smoothly drunk and tasty very beneficial drink .

*the boiling of the drink upon preparation and rising will be proportional with the release of antioxidants from 50% to 900% according to the analysis by nutritional organizations

* the powder of popcorn coffee is easily preserved and packaged and transported in plastic or paper containers which are easily utilized

* Its color is golden and we can say that the gold is drunk now because its benefits equals the value of gold.

*all humans are looking for the happiness of the spirit and self and the health of the body and this done by drinking the mugs and cups of popcorn coffee .

How the Popcorn Coffee Drink Act

Each 8 gr. of popcorn coffee has 8 mg of the amino acid tryptophan which is in turn is converted into 8 mg of serotonin by the help of vitamin B6 which is originally present in popcorn coffee .

Serotonin is a neural transmitter in brain which is allegedly called the happiness hormone where it acts by providing comfort and psychiatric quietness and at the same time stimulates the nervous system without excitement or irritation and without causing blood hypertension and increase in the count of heart beats and it causes a balance between the body and spirit and provide a feeling of happiness and pleasure and promote the social communication , alert , concentration , memorization and feeling with satisfaction (190) and joy in addition to the acquired energy from carbohydrates to supply the body with glucose and the benefits of the existing minerals .

Potassium regulates the blood pressure and the phosphorus activates brain and helps in building its tissues and the magnesium is useful for muscle comfort and control of excessive stimulation of the nervous system .

The group of vitamin B feeds and supports the immunity and the entire function of the (195) nervous system . The presence of mono and poly saturated fatty acids will reduce cholesterol and triglycerides and because of presence of omega 3 and the soluble and insoluble fibers will help in the motion of intestines and colon and keeping them healthy . The huge amount and variety of antioxidants including phenols which maintain the cellular composition and increases its immunity and protecting it against all non healthy symptoms for the safety of the nervous , cardiac m digestive and bone systems and also the psychological condition by providing psychiatric comfort and security and increasing the : attention and mental alert at a frame of body - spiritual balance and all this is called happiness in widest meaning (205)because of serotonin , the happiness hormone .


Summary of Popcorn Coffee Patent The popcorn coffee is the grinded popcorn powder made on hot air without additives then we add for each cup of water in the boiling kittle , five small spoonful which equals to five grams of popcorn coffee and then leave it to boil and rise for five minutes and then it's poured in cups and served hot and drunk in offices , houses and cafe and gives optimism , psychiatric comfort and power in attention , focus and concentration and good mood . It also gives prevention from present time diseases such as obesity , diabetes and cancer and help the recovery from them thanks to their contents of compound carbohydrates , proteins , vitamins , minerals and fibers .

Application Range of Popcorn Coffee

• the popcorn coffee is a distinct drink from all other drinks because in addition to stimulation of the nervous system by boosting serotonin and making it at high healthy levels . It provides and supplies body with a group of nutrients it contains and for the brain health which has its nutrients of amino acid , tryptophan which is converted into serotonin and other amino acids such as tyrosine , phenylalanine which give adrenalin and noradrenalin and all these neural transmitters are acting together and cooperate in favor of the brain and spirit in a full and complete harmony . Popcorn coffee by maintaining the healthy level of serotonin helps in the feeling of optimism , psychological tranquility and reasonable thinking and spreading love and peace among the members of the society because it's the drink of peace , the peace of human being and its brothers , its private and public population and

communities and a peace with the environment .

Popcorn coffee is to be drunk in breakfast with the house available foods including olive oil , thyme , olives , cheese .... etc where it supports health and energy because of its contents of compound carbohydrates , proteins , minerals , vitamins and antioxidants .

* in addition to alert stimulation in the morning for liveliness and work

* if it's drunk before bed , the serotonin is converted into melatonin which helps the good comfortable sleep and this benefit is repeated whenever we drink popcorn coffee .

* It's possible to add to the popcorn coffee any kind of healthy beneficial plants with special taste such as ginger , chicory , peppermint , cinnamon , rosemary and vanilla an many other additives according to the taste of the drinker to synergize with the body and self .

* popcorn coffee is a preventive and therapeutic drink at the same time from the present time diseases such as overweight , diabetes , cancer and cardiovascular diseases , Alzheimer , osteoporosis and many diseases affecting body and spirit and it's a cure which relieves the symptoms of the diseases until full recovery . The most important economic investment is that related with the human health and the popcorn coffee is the supportive drink for human body and psychological health .

*lt 's possible to use popcorn coffee as a sweetener to various popular drinks because its sweetening index is 70%

* the sweetness of table sugar is 100% , so the popcorn coffee will support the benefits and properties of these drinks .

• The popcorn coffee can be a sweetener for all kinds of juices and gaseous drinks because of its wide benefit including the avoidance of juice adverse effects and current gaseous drinks where researches started to uncover that .

• It's possible to use it as a sweetener for pastry , toffee and candies

• the sweetener index in popcorn coffee which is 70% means that it's useful for

diabetic and obesity patients and all others which will not lead to increased secretion of insulin or it doesn't cause diabetes or obesity because its main ingredient is carbohydrates which need long time for digestion and absorption . Popcorn coffee is a medicine and cure for this time to limit and control the diabetes , obesity and many other diseases .

• the popcorn coffee doesn't need any sweetener because its sweetening index is 70% , where the table sugar index is 100%

• the popcorn coffee has no sediments or any residuals or remains in the cup or mug , so all its contents are full of healthy body and spirit benefits

• there is no contraindication for having popcorn coffee as a useful healthy drink for children and adults in all times and occasions

• it's very easy and accessible and cost effective and feasible that any family can make its popcorn coffee at home .

• It's also very cost effective and easy and comprehensively economically feasible that the family cam make its sugar when using popcorn coffee for sweetening .

• one can have between 15-20 gr. , i.e. 3 to 10 cups of popcorn coffee per day , so vey cup of 5 gr. contains equals to 5 small spoonful and it has to complement it to attain the brain and body demand after having its usual meal because of its contents of compound carbohydrates , proteins , vitamins , minerals , fibers , antioxidants and fluids in addition to its good function it performs in increasing the energy of the brain , its function and the body in its activity in fertile land of psychological tranquility and optimism .

• the popcorn coffee is a new product with uncountable benefits for children and adults which guarantee the healthy body and mind .

• and antioxidants : for a body -psychological balance ( the popcorn coffee is a proper and adequate healthy drink for health mind and healthy body ) .



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