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WIPO Patent Application WO/2015/198357
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The Rolls system for shaping / cutting is used for plastic deformation manufacturing of materials. The material coil / strip goes through two rolls, which rotate opposite one each other, and it is deformed to obtain the desired shape. For improving the cutting some lubricating fluids are used; this solution allows to reduce the friction between the coil and rolls and it also allows to extend the rolls life. The existing technology consists of adding this fluid from outside, the new presented solution consists of introducing the fluid from the centre of the rolls thus the fluid reaches the contact area between rolls and coil. If the coil tangles in the rolls, there is the possibility to ruin the rolls shape; to avoid this problem the system allows the roll to detach and to send a stop signal to the system. Furthermore it has been designed a new cutting profile of the rolls' blades for reducing their damage.

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December 30, 2015
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June 26, 2014
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B21D28/12; B21D13/04; B21D37/18
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Rolls system for shaping / cutting

1) Rolls system for shaping / cutting ( 1 ) coil materials ( 3 ) characterized by a lubricating, conditioning, cleaning and detaching system ( Fig.2 ) through a fluid which flows from the shaft ( 4 ) to the inside of the rolls ( 2, 2A ), which are placed on the shaft, such fluid then comes out from the rolls towards the contact area between the rolls and the coil ( 3' ).

2) Safety system ( Fig.3 ) of the rolls system for shaping / cutting characterized by the distancing of the rolls through elastically deformable elements and / or hydraulic / pneumatic cylinders / springs ( 5 ) .

3) Safety system as per the previous claim equipped with a sensor for sending a stop signal for reducing the rolls system and its components' damages.

4) Blades' cutting profile ( Fig.4 ), which compose the rolls ( 2 ), characterized by the fact that in case of cutting rolls which cut coils / strips, the blades' cutting profile has got a particular geometry ( 6) such that it reduces damages and / or breaking of the razor edge.


Rolls system for shaping / cutting

The rolls system for shaping / cutting ( 1 ) materials coils / strips can be used in different fields in which it's needed to shape / cut.

The actual technology allows to shape / cut coils or strips of materials. The process consists of pushing the material coil / strip ( 3 ) through a couple of conveniently shaped rolls ( 2 , 2A ) for the needs.

The rolls ( 2 , 2A ) can be a unique part or made of several components. The shaping / cutting part can be made of several rolls assembled together. One roll rotate and put in motion the opposite roll trough a couple of gears.

The system can or can't be equipped with the gears depending on the kind of shaping / cutting. In the case that no gears are used the motion is applied to one of the two rolls, but the opposite one is pulled by the contact / friction between the coil / strip and / or the roll's teeth by a phase system with play recovery.

Besides existing technology provide the addiction of air / lubricant / gas externally to the rolls. However this technology for shaping / cutting materials coils / strips can be improved by the new solutions presented as follow whose benefits can be appreciated in these inventions:

1) System for lubricating / conditioning / detach ( Fig.2 ). Existing technology consists of adding lubricant, conditioning and cleaning outside the rolls so that the complete diffusion of lubricant is not guaranteed to all needed points. The innovation ( Fig.2 ) is that the fluid can be added in axial direction to the centre of the roll ( 4 ). From this point the fluid goes through dedicated channels ( 2' ) towards the outside. In this way lubrication and cleaning are guaranteed in the contact area between rolls and materials ( 3' ). Besides the fluid throws out any debris, it allows the coil / strip to detach from the roll and it contributes to decrease the operating temperature. For thermal needs the fluid can flow through a close channel also.

2) Safety system ( Fig.3 ). Considering the existing technology if the coil / strip tangle around the rolls then the breaking of their profile will possibly occur. The innovation consists of the mechanical structure (5) of the rolls system for shaping / cutting and of the introduction of a sensor. In fact the structure is designed such that just one roll stays fix and has got the capacity of rotating around its axis, while the opposite roll can distance from the other one so that the two axis move in parallel. In working condition the two rolls stay in the working axis position thank to elastically deformable elements or not or through hydraulic / pneumatic devices ( 5 ). In the case that any anomalies or tangling occur the generated forces would get this deformable elements to collapse, deform or change so that any damages to the system is avoided. Besides the safety sensor would send a stop signal to the roll system for shaping / cutting.

3) Cutting elements ( Fig.4 ). In the case of cutting rolls which cut coils / strips the cutting profile is conceived to have a cutting geometry in order to reduce the razor edge's damage and extend its life.

The best way for making the rolls system for shaping / cutting is by machines / tooling for material's transformation / manufacturing.