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WIPO Patent Application WO/2011/062054
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Disclosed is a building frame heat storage structure which has a high heat exchange efficiency and can efficiently store heat in a building frame. The building frame heat storage structure has a metallic heat exchange member (22) which is secured to a building frame concrete (20) and which performs a heat exchange for cooling and heating within a building, and a radiation panel (12) which is directly or indirectly secured to the building frame concrete (20) and which faces toward the inside of the building to emit radiation heat. The building frame heat storage structure is provided with heat exchange pipes (16) composed of resin, which are attached to at least either the heat exchange member (22) or the radiation panel (12) and which allow a heat exchange medium for heat exchange to pass therethrough. Heat energy generated from the heat exchange medium is stored in the building frame concrete (20) via the heat exchange pipes (16) due to the radiation of the heat energy. Metallic retaining members (14) which retain the heat exchange pipes (16) are provided on the backside surface of the radiation panel (12).

MIYAMURA Masashi (LTD. 4371 Maezawa, Kurobe-sh, Toyama 85, 〒9388585, JP)
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May 26, 2011
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November 02, 2010
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TOYOX CO., LTD. (4371, Maezawa Kurobe-shi, Toyama 85, 〒9388585, JP)
株式会社トヨックス (〒85 富山県黒部市前沢4371 Toyama, 〒9388585, JP)
International Classes:
F24F5/00; F28F3/12
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HIROSAWA Isao (1-3-16, Jinzu-honmachiToyama-shi, Toyama 08, 〒9300008, JP)
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