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Patent Searching and Data

Games and Sports Products

Exercisers for developing or strengthening the muscles
Cardio-vascular system training agility or co-ordination of movements
Exercising apparatus specially adapted for particular parts of the body
Electric or electronic controls
Exercising Devices
Swimming aids
Swimming equipment attachable to the head, e.g. swimming helmets, swimming goggles
Solid balls
Hollow inflatable balls
Balls with special arrangements
Apparatus or methods for manufacturing balls
Devices for handling or treating balls
Tennis, badminton, or like rackets
Apparatus for jumping
Stringing tennis rackets
Golf clubs
Bags for golf clubs
Golf game accessories, e.g. golf cups, golf tees
Bats, rackets, or the like, for other games
Targets or goals for ball games
Implements for throwing
Sporting games
Training appliances or apparatus for special sports
Games or sports accessories
Climbing poles, frames, or stages
Accessories for skis
Roller skates
Design or layout of playing courts, rinks, bowling greens or areas for water-skiing
Devices preventing skis from slipping back
Ski bindings
Bowling-alleys; Bowling games; Boccia; Bowls; Bagatelle; Billiards
Card games
Aspects of games using an electronically generated display having two or more dimensions, e.g. on a television screen, showing representations related to the game
Roulette games
Indoor games using small moving playing bodies, e.g. balls, discs or blocks
Games not otherwise provided for
Merry-go-rounds; Swings; Rocking-horses; Chutes; Switchbacks; Similar devices for public amusement
Self-movable toy figures
Toy figures with self-moving parts, with or without movement of the toy as a whole
Toy vehicles, e.g. with self-drive
Highways or trackways for toys
Model railways
Toy aircraft
Drive mechanisms for toys in general
Remote-control arrangements specially adapted for toys, e.g. for toy vehicles
Other toys
Musical or noise-producing devices for additional toy effects other than acoustical
Devices for theatres, circuses, or the like; Conjuring appliances or the like
Racing; Riding sports; Equipment or accessories therefor