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Japanese Patent JP2002530970
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A system 100 for tracking the movement of multiple objects within a predefined area using a combination of overhead X-Y filming cameras 25 and tracking cameras 24 with attached frequency selective filter 24f. Also employed are perspective Z filming cameras 25 and tracking 24 cameras with filter 24f. Objects to be tracked have been marked to include some form of frequency selective reflective material, such as an ink. Marked objects such as patches 7r and 7l, sticker 9 and tape 4a have been specified and are attachable to said multiple objects. System 100 radiates selected energy 23a throughout the predefined area of tracking that is specifically chosen to reflect off said reflective materials used to mark said objects. Reflected energy such as 7m, 9a and 4b is then received by tracking cameras 24 while all other ambient light is blocked by filter 24f. Local Computer System 60 continuously captures images from said tracking cameras 24 which include only the minimum information created by said reflected energy. System 60 efficiently locates said markings on said multiple objects and uses this location information to analyze synchronously captured unfiltered images from filming cameras 25. Using said location information along with pre-knowledge concerning said multiple objects maximum rate of speed and maximum size as well as calculated information such as the vectors of direction, acceleration and velocity based upon previous movements, system 60 is able to efficiently find and extract the background the portion of the unfiltered images that represents said multiple objects.

アマン, ジェームズ エイ.
ハラー, ウィリアム アール.
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Publication Date:
September 17, 2002
Filing Date:
November 17, 1999
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アマン,ジェームズ エイ.
ハラー, ウィリアム アール.
International Classes:
G06T1/00; A63B71/06; G01S17/66; G01S17/87; G06T7/20; H04N5/232; H04N7/18; (IPC1-7): H04N7/18; G06T1/00; G06T7/20; H04N5/232
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
山本 秀策