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Japanese Patent JP2004507912
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A method for facilitating a wireless transaction includes receiving, by a transaction fulfillment system, a transaction request from a transaction requester and verifying an identity of the transaction requester. After verifying the identity of the transaction requester, a transaction code is communicated from the transaction fulfillment system to a wireless communication device. After receiving the transaction code, the transaction code is optically scanned from a visual display of the wireless communication device by the transaction fulfillment system.

Marrick Mamdani
Curtis Grant
Patrick Johnson
Kevin Bomer
Tim Watley
Application Number:
Publication Date:
March 11, 2004
Filing Date:
July 12, 2001
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Airitas Incorporated
International Classes:
G06K7/00; G06F21/20; G06Q20/04; G06Q20/12; G06Q20/32; G06Q20/38; G06Q20/40; G06Q30/06; H04B7/26; H04L29/06; H04L29/08; H04M3/493; H04W12/06; (IPC1-7): H04Q7/38; G06K7/00; H04B7/26
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Masatake Shiga
Takahashi Nobuo
Takashi Watanabe
Masakazu Aoyama
Suzuki Mitsuyoshi
Kazuya Nishi
Murayama Yasuhiko
Shinya Mitsuhiro