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Japanese Patent JP2006517479
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The invention relates to plastic moulded bodies comprising a substrate layer, a barrier layer and a cover layer. The barrier layer contains polyvinyl alcohol. Said plastic moulded bodies are characterised in that the cover layer comprises compounds which can be cross-linked. The invention also relates to plastic moulded bodies comprising a cross-linked cover layer, a method for the production of the inventive plastic moulded body and the use thereof.

Jimon Jonas
Robert Wäffs
Matthias Gutweiler
Michael frank
Application Number:
Publication Date:
July 27, 2006
Filing Date:
February 04, 2004
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Kuraray Specialties Europe Gezel Shaft Mitt Beschlenktel Haftung
International Classes:
B32B27/30; B32B27/08; C08F290/12; C08F299/00; C08J7/043; C08J7/046; C08J7/048; C08J7/056
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Toshio Yano
Toshiomi Yamazaki
Takuya Kuno
Einzel Felix-Reinhard
Reinhard Einsel