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Japanese Patent JP2006517716
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A frame ( 14 ) that includes a smart card connector ( 12 ), is mounted primarily behind a window ( 18 ) in a panel ( 16 ) so a smart card can be inserted rearwardly though the window and against contacts that read and/or write to the card. The panel has window edge portions that lie around the window, and the frame includes a pair of lugs ( 42 ) that are projected into the window and that are then raised so lug slots ( 45 ) receive an upper edge portion of the window. The frame also has a pair of fingers ( 60 ) that are resiliently biased forwardly, that press against the rear of the panel when the lugs are first projected into the window, and that snap forward and lie against window lower edge portions when the lugs are raised. The fingers lie at the ends of laterally extending beams that project from a main portion of the frame. The lugs and fingers form ramps ( 56, 78 ) that vertically guide the leading edge of a card being inserted, and the lugs form side guides ( 112 ).

Barschel, Fabrice
Michelle, Brno
Lotion, sylvan
Application Number:
Publication Date:
July 27, 2006
Filing Date:
January 09, 2004
Export Citation:
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IT Manufacturing Enterprises Incorporated
International Classes:
H01R12/18; G06K7/00; G06K17/00; H01R13/639
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Takehiko Suzue
Satoshi Kono
Makoto Nakamura
Kurata Masatoshi
Takashi Mine
Yoshihiro Fukuhara
Toshio Shirane
Sadao Muramatsu
Nobuhisa Nogawa
Ryo Hashimoto
Tetsuya Kazama