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Japanese Patent JP2012511435
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A building panel formed from sheet material extends in a longitudinal direction along its length and includes a curved center portion in cross section, a pair of side portions extending from the curved center portion, and a pair of connecting portions extending from the side portions. The curved center portion includes a plurality segments extending in the longitudinal direction. The panel is curved in the longitudinal direction without having transverse corrugations. A particular segment may have a depth greater than that of another segment to accommodate the longitudinal curve. A system for longitudinally curving the panel includes first and second curving assemblies, each of which includes multiple rollers arranged to contact the panel as it passes along, a positioning mechanism for changing a relative rotational orientation between the first and second curving assemblies, a drive system for moving the panel longitudinally, and a control system for controlling the positioning mechanism.

Todo de E. Anderson
Fred Erikku Morel Luo
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Publication Date:
May 24, 2012
Filing Date:
December 02, 2009
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M.I.In.Industrie, Inc.
International Classes:
B21D5/08; B21D47/00; E04C2/30
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Toru Ishikawa
Hisako Ishido