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Japanese Patent JP2697830
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A database is stored in a mass memory. For this purpose, it is first divided into main cells and then into base cells according to a predetermined regular division pattern. Each base cell is then checked to see whether its data content is sufficient to occupy substantially completely a storage parcel having a predetermined capacity. If this is the case, the base cell is thus accommodated in a storage parcel; if this is not the case, adjacent base cells are grouped until a storage parcel is occupied substantially completely. The operation of addressing a storage parcel is effected by the use of a main cell table in which address pointers are stored, each of which points to a base cell table. In the base cell table, an index is given for each base cell and this index indicates in which storage parcel the relevant base cell is accommodated. Each of these indices indicates a location in a data parcel list at which an address indicator is present, which indicates the location at which the relevant parcel is stored in the mass memory.

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January 14, 1998
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October 23, 1987
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フィリップス エレクトロニクス ネムローゼ フェンノートシャップ
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G01C21/32; G06F12/02; G06F12/00; G06F17/30; G11B27/10; G11B27/28; (IPC1-7): G06F12/00; G06F17/30
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「bit別冊 計算幾何学と地理情報処理」 共立出版 (1986−9−10) P.199−203
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杉村 暁秀 (外1名)