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Japanese Patent JP3377225
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An integrated circuit (IC) chip which can be tested even after being packaged on a circuit board together with other IC chips, and a method of testing such IC chips on the circuit board are provided. The IC chip has a main IC section to which a particular function is assigned, and a plurality of testing circuits capable of freely extracting output data of the main IC section on a common bus. An interface is also provided on the IC chip which receives signals for controlling the testing circuits from the outside. The testing circuits, therefore, can selectively hold data sent from the outside or data from the main IC section and then send the data out via input/output terminals thereof or the interface.

Adachi A scent
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Publication Date:
February 17, 2003
Filing Date:
April 07, 1992
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International Classes:
G06F11/273; H01L21/66; G01R31/28; (IPC1-7): G01R31/28
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Takao Katori

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