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Japanese Patent JP4202505
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A vapor compression type refrigeration system 301 comprises a first refrigerant temperature detector 302 attached on a pipe P7 to detect temperature of refrigerant at the side of an outlet of an evaporator 108. A second refrigerant temperature detector 303 is attached on a pipe P8 to detect temperature of the refrigerant at the side of an inlet of a compressor 103. A change-over controller 304 connected to the first and the second refrigerant temperature detectors 302 and 303 and a superheat control valve 107 and changes/selects either one of refrigerant temperature detection value signals from the first and the second refrigerant temperature detectors 302 and 303 under predetermined conditions. A superheat control valve 107 adjusts the flow rate of the refrigerant flowing into the evaporator 108 so that refrigerant superheat on the side of the inlet of the compressor 103 reaches a predetermined value.

Shunji Komatsu
Seiichi Yamamoto
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Publication Date:
December 24, 2008
Filing Date:
January 11, 1999
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Sanden Corporation
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F25B1/00; F25B9/00; F25B41/06; F25B40/00
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Honda Koichi
Masao Toyota