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Japanese Patent JP4358704
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To provide a processing technique capable of processing a structure made of a metal for which asbestos is used efficiently (for example, reduction in work load) and safely (for example, prevention of occurrence of air pollution and health damage).

The method of processing a folded roof for which asbestos is used includes a maturing process (A) for maturing a work area, a chemical coating process (B) for coating asbestos with a scattering-proof agent, a maturing removal process (C) for removing the maturing, a folded roof removal process (D) for removing the folded roof without removing asbestos, a folded roof cutting process (E-1) for cutting the removed folded roof, a drum packing process (E-2) for packing the cut folded roof into a drum, a transportation process (F) for transporting the drum and a melting process (G) for melting the transported drum each.


Tadashi Masuda
Kudo Kazuhiro
Kazuya Kurosaka
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Publication Date:
November 04, 2009
Filing Date:
August 06, 2004
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Nichias Corporation
International Classes:
B09B5/00; B09B3/00; E04G23/02
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Iwata enjoyment
Satoshi Iwata